Optimistic Websites of 2020

This year our design and development team went hard to work designing, developing and launching a number of websites. Whenever our team works to create a new website, we focus on 4 key principles:

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A website should help your organization accomplish its goals. This is the most important part of any design and development project at our agency.

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You should be confident about managing your new site easily post-launch. Similarly, visitors should be able to quickly get to where they want to be.

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We’ll admit it: we’re a bit shallow when it comes to website style. It has to look engaging and enticing to all who find it. Your new site should be beautiful on every device.

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A new website is a significant investment for your organization. We’ll make sure it is crafted with the right code and tech stack to last for years to come.

With this is mind, our team got to work launching 8 effective, effortless, enthralling and enduring websites!

LaNasa Realty logo

Lanasa Realty

Lanasa Realty came to us looking for a new website which would easily allow visitors to sort through residential and commercial listings, with specific search features for both. Our team got to work creating an immersive WordPress website that went above & beyond the high standards of the organization and launched in October of 2020.

Aditi headshot

The best part of re-designing lanasa.com was that we were able to make property search & sorting easy for all visitors and we were able to show Jennifer LaNasa’s family history within their community for 8 generations.

— Aditi, Jr.Web Developer 

Regional Planning Commission logo


NORPC approached us to redesign their older website. Their goal was to overhaul their digital presence by creating a new site that was informative, helpful, and organized. With dozens of reports, studies, maps, and other important documents that needed to be accessible on the site, this project was certainly a challenge but proved to be very rewarding! Their site launched in August 2020.

Juan Pablo Madrid

I really enjoyed working with NORPC on developing a site that was not only accessible, easy to use, and truly representative of their organizational goals, but also useful to their users.

— JP, Lead designer

The Elysian bar logo

The Elysian Bar

Elysian Bar was seeking a new website that captured the essence and vibe of the space itself, telling the Elysian Bar story in the process. They wanted to feature the different experiences that their customers had, from the early morning coffee crowd, to lunch, to aperitivos, to dinner and late night cocktails. Their site launched in October 2020.

Claire Escobedo

I’m really glad that this new website gave The Elysian Bar the capability to easily update their food and drink menu live on their website. Before, they were uploading images of their menus every time anything changed (pretty frequently), which is not only cumbersome, but also meant that anyone using a screen reader or other assisted viewing device couldn’t access their menu. Now, they can quickly add new menu items, update existing ones, or archive them until next season, and their website automatically reflects their changes.

— Claire, Lead designer

Warren Montogomery logo

Re-Elect DA Warren Montgomery

The Committee to Re-Elect DA Warren Montgomery approached us looking to educate their two Parishes about the many good things that DA Montgomery has completed in his last six years in office with a brand new website. The website launched in June 2020 and the DA won his reelection!

Juan Pablo Madrid

One of the things I enjoyed the most about this project was working with DA Montgomery’s team on ensuring we the site was informational and a resource for voters. We spent a lot of time thinking about a design language that was friendly, approachable, and effective. Our team was very proud to be part of this winning campaign.

— JP, Lead designer

Pinnacle Security logo

Pinnacle Security

Pinnacle security was seeking a brand new website that would enhance their current sales strategies and lead generation. We also implemented Hubspot CRM into their website so they could better manage their leads and prospects. Their site was successfully launched on May 2020.

Claire Escobedo

For Pinnacle Security, I’m most proud of the collaboration I had with Charlie on our Content Team, who wrote all of the copy on the website as I designed it. We did the majority of our work on this site in the earlier days of the pandemic when we were still adjusting to working remotely. We took Pinnacle from a website with broken pages and outdated services to one whose voice, information, and layout are all extremely consistent across the board, and I think a lot of that is a result of our work together on both content and design for the site.

— Claire, Lead designer

Goodwood logo

GoodWood NOLA

When GoodWood NOLA approached us they seeked a new website that reflected the excellent work that they do, illustrates their current projects, and refines their unique brand. They also wanted to implement increased functionality on their website, including ecommerce functionality and online reservations for workshop classes. Their site launched in November 2020.

Juan Pablo Madrid

Working with GoodWood was a very good experience because of the special relationship that our whole team has developed with their organization. The design of their new site was the result of lots of collaboration between our team and theirs and deep understanding of each of our disciplines.

— JP, Lead designer

Platform for youth justice logo

Ubuntu Village

As part of our volunteer program, our design team created a new website for Ubuntu Village which highlighted the injustices for youth in our judicial system. The website served as a platform for others to join the conversation surrounding youth justice and educate themselves on the existing injustices. The site launched in September 2020.

Aditi headshot

Developing this site was a proud moment itself as I got a chance to be part of a platform that wants to spread awareness in the community about youth justice.

— Aditi, Jr.Web Developer

Raphael Village

Raphael Village

Raphael Village came to us looking for a new website that encompassed all three of their organizations: The Guild, Raphael Village and The Hearth. Based on their current branding our team managed to merge the three sites into one all encompassing website. Their site launched in December 2020.

Claire Escobedo

Raphael Village’s website has been a huge project just by virtue of how much they do as an organization. I am really glad we’ve been able to incorporate all of that into one cohesive site, which encompasses Raphael Academy, The Guild, and The Hearth. I’m also really proud of Aditi’s work on this site, for which she built a custom theme and did all kinds of cool development things (check out the dropdowns under Raphael Academy and The Guild).

— Claire, Lead designer

Acadian Windows and Siding

Acadian Windows

Acadian Windows & Siding has been a partner of our organization for a few years and, most recently, they approached us to overhaul their website. The previous site was difficult to maintain and felt outdated. With their new showroom underway, this was the perfect opportunity to create a website that felt fresh and ready for the next decade. Their site launched in December 2020.

Juan Pablo Madrid

My favorite thing about this project was the ability to bring Acadian Windows’ website to the present with a cleaner and more vibrant interface. There aren’t many opportunities in which a client allows for so much creative freedom as they did, and so I think this website is a huge step forward for their organization. The 360º virtual tour of their new showroom was also very fun to execute.

— JP, Lead designer

Sidecar Logo


As Sidecar prepared to open it’s new oyster bar venue, they approached us looking for an easy-to-use website worthy of the Big Easy. The site showcases all their delicious drinks & dishes while also allowing users to book reservations and private events online. Their site launched in August 2020.

Juan Pablo Madrid

I really enjoyed working with the team behind some of my favorite bars in New Orleans. It was exciting to help them launch this new concept, considering that the pandemic affected the hospitality in New Orleans so much. So playing a part in the successful opening of this bar and restaurant felt really great!

— JP, Lead designer

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