Optimistic Newsletter: May


No surprise here: it’s been a busy month. From promotions to volunteer work, to a successful webinar series, to new open positions, there’s a lot going on at Online Optimism.

But May 10th is also my birthday, and my wish as I turn 31 today is to send an email to a couple of thousand people of Pimms Pup in a birthday hat. The neat thing about being a CEO is that I can do just that:

Once you’re doing enjoying the image, make sure to read all the important stuff we’re up to!


Flynn Zaiger

Now Hiring: Atlanta-Based Content Strategist

Passionate about content? Exceptionally helpful?

Online Optimism’s Search and Content Department is growing! We are looking for a creative, passionate writer (with some SEO chops, or an interest in learning it) to join our Search + Content team as a Content Strategist. You’ll get the opportunity to help businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries craft engaging, beautifully written content that drives results via storytelling and visits from search. Over time, you’ll work to help us achieve our vision: Be the marketing agency that organizations want to work with and people aspire to work for.

Promotion: From Specialists to Director

Meara McNitt
Irene Wambui Muchai

One of our proudest moments as an organization is when we see individuals grow from Specialists to Director level. Over the past month, we’ve been lucky to have two. For those who have worked, or spoken with either, you’re probably wondering what took us so long!

Congratulations to:

  • Meara McNitt, our new Social Media Director
  • Irene Lopez, our new Business Development Director

New: Let’s TikTalk

Tik Tok on phone

It’s no secret the influence TikTok has had in the social media space in the last couple of years. Have you ever wondered how TikTok can help your business? Our Senior Social Media Strategist Meara gives us a rundown on the different aspects of the network and how your business can capitalize on the social platform.

Webinar: Humanizing Your Brand

This month we wrapped our webinar series, Humanizing Your Brand. There were lots of great presentations from a number of industry experts across the series. We recorded each webinar for you all to look back through and learn how to humanize your brand!

New: Pelicoin Case Study

Our Digital Ads team and our Search & Content team have been working with Pelicoin for a number of years to improve their search listings. After plenty of hard work, our team have managed to get Pelicoin some very impressive results!

Non-Profit Highlight: Sankofa Community Development Corporation

The Sankofa Community Development Corporation was founded by Rashida Ferdinand with the support of Lower Ninth Ward residents in 2008. As part of our quarterly volunteering program, Optimists worked alongside the Sankofa team in their monthly wetland cleanup. Learn more about the non-profit in the our latest blog post!

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