Online Optimism’s Websites of 2021

In 2021, our Design and Development team worked hard to design, develop, and launch numerous websites. Whenever our team works to create a new website, we focus on functionality, emulating your business’s values, and making it visually beautiful. It is our job to see your vision and bring it to life. We make sure your new website accomplishes your goals, can be easily managed by your team, and is accessible, enticing, and long-lasting. 

With that being said, our team got to work launching 7 effective, effortless, enthralling, and enduring websites!

Florman Tannen's new logo mark

Florman Tannen

Florman Tannen approached our Design & Development and Social Media teams at Online Optimism for a complete visual rebrand, new sales collateral, a new website, and a LinkedIn audit. Using the new modern, professional brand we created for Florman Tannen, we got to work crafting a website. Read the full case study on Florman Tannen’s website project here.

Claire Escobedo

My favorite thing about working on Florman Tannen’s website was that I had just built the new brand from scratch. I love starting with branding because then I can be totally in control of the look of the website, too.

— Claire, Senior Digital Designer

AH Datalytics

AH Datalytics is a consulting firm dedicated to incorporating 21st century analytics into the foundation of organizations that serve the public good. They approached Online Optimism to create a new website for them that was more user friendly, better reflected their contemporary approach to data and analytics, and displayed their dashboards in a more approachable way. Our Design & Development team worked to craft a new website that better reflected the founders and the work they do.

Katherine Socha

It was super exciting to work with AH Datalytics and the OO team to build a website that incorporated the vast amount of work and data that AH Datalytics works with. The co-founders were a blast to work with so it was easy to have their website reflect who they are while keeping the website professional and contemporary.

— Katherine, Digital Designer

Royal Coatings

Royal Coatings needed a new website that could showcase its state-of-the-art products, house the various knowledge-sharing resources it produces, and present it as the cutting-edge international company it is. We worked on developing detailed classification systems for Royal Coatings’ products and industries so customers could browse them intuitively from several different entry points. Plus, we created a custom navigation menu that allows repeat customers to go straight to their destination.

Claire Escobedo

Royal Coatings was a fun challenge with getting all of their products and industries to connect properly. It was also exciting to make their locations map and drop pins around the world!

— Claire, Senior Digital Designer

Dragonfly Café

Dragonfly Café

Dragonfly Café came to us to design their brand, collateral, and website before they opened in New Orleans in fall 2021. Our Design team developed a cheerful, friendly brand and translated it into this website, incorporating an easy-to-update food menu, a custom catering order form, and an OpenTable integration for making reservations. Read the full case study on Dragonfly Café’s website project here.

Claire Escobedo

This project was a team effort, with Katherine leading the branding, our Content team writing copy, and me doing the web design/development and collateral design. It was fun to work with Katherine and the Content team, and it was exciting to work with repeat clients (from Raphael Village), too!

— Claire, Senior Digital Designer

Headline Studio

Headline Studio is a subsidiary of Advance Publications. As a content studio, they specialize in written and visual storytelling for a wide range of industries and brands. They approached Online Optimism for assistance in telling their own story through the work they have delivered for their clients. Our team developed a portfolio site with customizable templates that allowed them to keep a consistent look throughout the site while also allowing each portfolio peace to shine on its own. Read the full case study on Headline Studio’s website project here.

I enjoyed working with the Headline Studio team and the result of this website build. The site is simple and straightforward, but full of details that really communicate the voice and energy of their organization.

— JP, Senior Director of Design Innovation

Doctors for America

Doctors for America

Doctors for America was in need of a big upgrade to their outdated website, including features like an online membership portal with member-protected content, an interactive advocacy action center integrated with VoterVoice, a robust events calendar, and a simpler back-end user interface, as well as an updated look overall. Read the full case study on Doctors for America’s website project here.

Claire Escobedo

This was a very exciting project for a really great organization! My Design team members and I did a lot of super detailed work in setting up the site’s more complex functionality, and I learned a lot in designing and managing a website with so many moving pieces.

— Claire, Senior Digital Designer

SDi Sentient Digital, Inc. logo

Sentient Digital, Inc.

Sentient Digital, Inc. (SDi), a national technology solutions provider and existing marketing client of ours, was in need of a new website that would incorporate the company’s recent growth and accommodate future expansions, too. Our Design & Development and Content & SEO teams worked together to craft a website that represents SDi as a cutting-edge, growing company. Read the full case study on Sentient Digital, Inc.’s project here.

Claire Escobedo

It was a pleasure working with SDi as well as our own Content team to build a website that visualizes how cool SDi is and how much their team can do. You gotta love when one of the priorities for a website build is to make it look cool!

— Claire, Senior Digital Designer

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Now you’ve caught a glimpse of what our Design and Development team has created over the last year! If you are interested in a brand-new website or even just a website refresh, reach out to us today!

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