Online Optimism’s First-Ever Marketing Blend

Keeping in the spirit of our value that screens will not replace handshakes, Online Optimism decided that an in-person event was necessary. So, after months of remote work, weeks of intensive planning, and an unfortunate postponement due to treacherous weather, on Tuesday, April 5th, Online Optimism hosted its first-ever Marketing Blend. 

Agency folks, in-house marketers, marketing students, and those simply wishing their dog’s TikTok account would go viral, were welcomed to join. The only rule of the event was no self-promotion, as the goal of our 2022 Marketing Blend event was to create a creative cluster for advertisers in the New Orleans area—and that goal was achieved! 

Despite the poor weather conditions still infecting the New Orleans area, over 20 driven professionals gathered together in the Online Optimism office to network and bond over bites and libations. Former Specialists, friends, and creative professionals attended the Blend to catch up, meet new people, and share their experiences with fellow advertisers. 

Rally, Refreshments, and Revelry

The 2022 Marketing Blend event was a great success. The event consisted of a rally, a green screen photo shoot, refreshments, music, and engaging conversation. 


At the beginning of the evening, attendees were encouraged to drop their business cards into a ballot box for a raffle. At the end of the evening, Sam Olmsted, Online Optimism’s New Orleans Managing Director, and Sara Bandurian, Operations Supervisor, announced the raffle winners. The winners received an Online Optimism water bottle and a gift card to a frozen yogurt favorite: Abbott’s Frozen Custard.


An excellent marketing event would be nothing without bites and beverages. The creative professionals who attended the Marketing Blend enjoyed delicious sandwiches catered by Martin Wine Cellar. Additionally, the Online Optimism team provided guests with a diverse selection of wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages to sip on throughout the evening. 


Kat Green, Online Optimism’s Multimedia Creative Strategist, facilitated a green screen photo shoot in our Creative Studio. The photoshoot took attendees to places all over time and space. Guests laughed as they posed for ridiculous photos in outer space, deep forests, prehistoric landscapes, and more. 

New Orleans Managing Director, Sam Olmsted, joined in on the hilarity, opting to be taken back to prehistoric times. He struck a pose on the bare back of a cowboy hat-wearing Brachiosaurus.

The First Success of Many to Come

Online Optimism’s first Marketing Blend was laid-back, fun, and served as a well-needed break from isolating remote work and the hectic, ever-changing marketing world. Online Optimism plans to host more marketing events in the near future. If you are interested in attending, check out our LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on our upcoming marketing events!