Online Optimism Won the Health @Work Award!

ComPsych is “the world’s largest provider of employee assistance programs” and is a leader in employee wellness and health services. For 17 years, ComPsych has been hosting their Health @Work awards. The awards are intended to recognize companies that “are setting a new standard for health and well-being care.”  We are honored to announce that Online Optimism won the Gold Award for “Best In Class” as a company with less than 100 employees.

To be recognized alongside much larger organizations is a joy, and though we are thrilled at the recognition, we know we’ve worked hard to get here. Our vision is to be the marketing agency that organizations want to work with and people aspire to work for. We take this vision seriously and are committed to making working at Online Optimism a fulfilling and rewarding experience. 

Here are some of the things we do that got us recognized!

  • We have a Health & Wellness committee! They brainstorm ideas for improving employee physical and mental health. They started a walking club, called Optimovers, where employees are divided into teams with fun names to compile their total miles walked each week. The winning team gets a prize. One month, it was custom “Optimovers” water bottles. 
  • In November 2020, Online Optimism started offering an Employee Assistance Program for mental health counseling. Employees can schedule therapy appointments for free and get the help they need without worrying about the cost. 
  • When you’re working hard, it’s easy to get swept away and forget to eat. We ensure all of our offices are stocked with snacks and water to make sure everyone is hydrated and eating enough. Every Friday, we also order lunch for the entire staff. 
  • Weekly Happy Hours set aside time for employees to relax, destress, and chat while on the clock. Coworkers are able to strengthen their friendships with each other, in turn making work a fun place to be. 
  • Unlimited sick days mean that no one is spreading a bug or making themselves worse when they should be resting. We will never penalize employees for health concerns or disabilities. 

We don’t have these policies to win awards. We just want our employees to be happy, healthy, and feel appreciated at work. However, it’s a true honor to win and we are so thankful. Our employees are the best asset we have, and we want to do all we can to support them on their health and wellness journeys. 

Thank you to ComPsych and the Health @Work Award for this acknowledgment!