Non-Profit Spotlight: Trap Dat Cat

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Trap Dat Cat is a nonprofit organization with a mission to control the overbreeding of community cats in New Orleans through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and to raise awareness of and educate the public about the cats in New Orleans. Trap Dat Cat also rescues and rehabilitates sick or injured cats and coordinates and facilitates kitten fostering and adoption for kittens unable to return outside. 

The organization was founded in April 2020 when COVID-19 limited resources for community cats. Through fundraising and donors, Trap Dat Cat has helped numerous cats, trapping an average of 30-50 per week. 

What is TNR

TNR is the process of a cat from the community being taken to a vet to undergo a spay/neuter procedure, vaccination when appropriate, and eartipped, then returned and released to the area where they were trapped. 

What is Eartipped

Eartipping is when the cat removes the top ⅜” of one of its ears. The ear selected depends on the gender and region, indicating the cat has been spayed or neutered as part of a TNR project. 

The process is performed under anesthesia and is essential to TNR because it alerts advocates that the cat is already sterilized and protects them from being trapped again. Additionally, eartipping in many areas can protect the cats under the law from being picked up by animal control and impounded or euthanized. 

Learn to Trap

Trap Dat Cat has several video resources on their website to help people learn how to trap. Some of their tips include: 

  • Make sure appointments are available for the next day before trapping to minimize how long the cat has to stay in the trap
  • Use a tarp with a blanket or towels to protect your car
  • Count your traps before getting started and throughout the day
  • Never leave a trap behind 
  • Line traps with newspaper 
  • Use small amounts of bait to lead the cat into the trap, with a larger amount to the back of the trap 
  • If you are leaving traps unattended, be sure to cover them 
  • Always cover traps when a cat is in them
  • Only leave traps unattended if for a short period 
  • Tie the ringside of the trap with pipe cleaner once inside, and make sure the locking latch on the guillotine side of the trap is engaged
  • Label the trap before leaving the area with the address and cat description
  • Do not keep or hold on to traps for longer than one week without checking in with our team 


All cats adopted through Trap Dat Cat are spayed/neutered, vaccinated when appropriate, combo tested, microchipped, dewormed, and treated for fleas. There is a $100 adoption fee to cover the services. 

If you want to adopt a cat, complete an adoption application online by clicking here. Once we receive the application, we will contact you for further details. 

To view our adoptable cats and kittens, click here


Trap Dat Cat has numerous volunteer opportunities. However, volunteers must be at least 18, have transportation, and sign a volunteer release and waiver of liability form. 

The opportunities include: 

  • Trapping
  • Transporting cats to and from the vet
  • Cat care (feeding and changing newspapers) 
  • Fostering (please fill out a fostering application)
  • Collecting and folding newspaper
  • Cleaning traps
  • Washing/drying/folding laundry
  • Fundraising 


Trap Dat Cat relies on fundraising and donations to further their mission. There are no overhead costs and no paid personnel, so 100% of donations and funds raised go directly to the cats. Donations are accepted through PayPal, Venmo, GoFundMe, or check to P.O. Box 850212, New Orleans, LA 70185. You can also donate in memory of a loved one by emailing [email protected]

Donations can also be made directly to the vet to help cover current and future medical expenses. Call The Cat Hospital of Metairie at 504.837.6137 and tell them you are donating to the Trap Dat Cat account. The organization also has an Amazon Wishlist and Chewy.com Wishlist, where you can purchase needed items and a trap registry to help TNR more community cats. 

Trap Dat Cat also has merch, which you can purchase here

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