Non-Profit Spotlight: Jared’s Heart of Success Inc.

Gun violence has plagued the United States for years now. Across the nation, endless stories of loss and heartbreak haunt headlines as one shooting are bookended by another. One such story covered the untimely death of Jared L. Brown, a young man who was killed at the age of 24 when a stray bullet struck him in the summer of 2015. Following the fatal incident, his mother, Shermaine Brown, began a relentless pursuit of justice, during which she founded Jared’s Heart of Success, Inc. (JHOSI), a non-profit with a mission to offer meaningful intervention to stop gun and group violence.

This month, Online Optimism’s Non-Profit Spotlight in Atlanta is illuminating Jared’sJared’s Heart of Success for the exemplary effort and its impact on communities across Georgia and South Carolina.

To make a difference in the lives of the members of these communities, JHOSI hosts a variety of programs, including but not limited to:

S.T.A.R. Violence Prevention

S.T.A.R. stands for Straight Talk About Risks and refers to the program’s intention to educate young children, teens, and young adults alike on making safer choices for conflict resolution to help prevent gun violence play and violence in their communities.


Be Kind

Be Kind is an ambassadorship program that informs young people about the importance of activism and community organizing. This program focuses on gun violence prevention, mental health for youth, social injustice, and more.


The INSPIRE Wellbeing and Resilience program is committed to providing intervention for community members who are dealing with the lingering effects of a traumatic event. From family and dating violence to dealing with the murder of a loved one and beyond, the INSPIRE initiative is equipped to give young people the trauma-focused counseling they need to move forward after experiencing significantly traumatizing life events.

After School Programs

Elementary Schools across Atlanta have partnered with JHOSI to provide their students with the unique opportunity to learn about healthy diet and lifestyle choices, financial literacy, drugs, alcohol abuse, and STEM studies such as biology and coding.

In addition to these and other programs, Jared’s Heart of Success also participates in the annual Toys for Tots and Back to School donation drives, helping provide necessary goods to children in need. The non-profit also works with businesses, churches, community centers, and other local organizations to provide health and wellness education to the communities they serve. On top of that, every year, Jared’s Heart of Success Inc. awards a scholarship to one hard-working graduating senior who has been directly impacted by gun violence.

How You Can Get Involved

JHOSI’s humanitarian efforts are currently supported by a slew of notable partners and sponsors, including State Farm Auto Insurance, Publix Grocery, and the Sandy Hook Promise organization, to name a few. 

If you are interested in becoming a partner, sponsor, or donor, or would like to learn more about Jared’s Heart of Success Inc. and its many programs, visit their website today to get started!