Non-Profit Spotlight: Atlanta Writers Club

The Atlanta Writers Club (AWC) is an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization with a rich history. Since its inception over a century ago, it has supported the literary community, promoted reading, and educated individuals on the art of writing. It now has over 1,100 members, ranging from beginning writers to experienced and published authors. 

The Atlanta Writers Club works towards its mission in a variety of ways. The organization hosts an annual writing contest, conferences, periodic workshops and meetings, and it sponsors peer critique groups located throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Additionally, the Atlanta Writers Club hosts the semiannual Atlanta Writers Conference, which grants people the opportunity to network and share their writing with literary agents and industry professionals. Finally, the Atlanta Writers Club influences and involves itself with literary associations throughout the Atlanta community and takes pride in being a “wonderfully effective and encouraging environment for creative growth.”

History of Atlanta Writers Club 

The Atlanta Writers Club was established in 1914 and has a fascinating history. The organization began as an “elite society,” requiring an invitation for membership. In addition to its meetings, the Atlanta Writers Club hosted periodic dinners and formal balls with prominent speakers. It was established in the Carnegie Library in Atlanta by a small group of editors and writers wishing to promote the “written word” and contribute to literary advancement. 

The “representatives of the turn-of-the-century literati” made up the organization’s earliest members and included successful journalists, poets, novelists, playwrights, and professors. Throughout the past century, membership numbers fluctuated, and meetings took place all around the city—in churches, libraries, university auditoriums, and other community buildings. The Atlanta Writers Club has changed significantly over the past several decades, having transitioned from an elite society and exclusive club to a large and diverse community of writers and lovers of literature. 

Atlanta Writers Club Today 

Current AWC members have a wide range of experience and include writers of myriad genres, including memoirs, nonfiction, fiction, essays, blogs, poetry, graphic novels, and screenplays. The Atlanta Writers Club—with its events, conferences, and workshops—continues to uphold its mission to support the local literary community. It does this through its involvement with the famous Decatur Book Festival, local bookstores, libraries, university writing programs, and more.

The Atlanta Writer Club supports Atlanta’s education community through its relationships with the Georgia Center for the Book, the Southern Academy for Literary Arts and Scholarly Research at Georgia Perimeter College, and Ivy Hall at SCAD-Atlanta. Additionally, the organization co-sponsors the biennial Townsend Prize for Fiction and supports a scholarship for a deserving English major at Georgia Perimeter College (GPC). 

Become an AWC Member 

According to the Atlanta Writers Club website, an AWC membership is for writers of all experience levels. It will benefit beginning writers, traditionally published or self-published authors, and those working toward their first publication. 

Benefits of an AWC Membership 

  • Assistance and encouragement for new and experienced writers 
  • Training in writing and development of creative talents 
  • Professional networking among fellow writers 
  • Sponsorship of writing contests with cash prizes 
  • Promotion of creative educational activities for writers 
  • Discussions of the craft of writing and the business of publishing 
  • Free meetings and workshops 
  • Access to AWC’s semiannual Atlanta Writers Conference
  • Access to news about literary events throughout the Southeast 

You can learn more about the Atlanta Writers Club membership and access the registration forms on their website’s Membership and Donation page

Upcoming AWC Conferences 

Atlanta Self-Publishing Conference (ASPC) 

Saturday, April 23, 2022 
Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel Or Virtual 

The Atlanta Self-Publishing Conference is a conference dedicated to serving self-published authors and those interested in starting their own independent author business; however, the conference will also feature topics that will be intriguing and beneficial to all authors. It will consist of eight presentations, coffee and conversations, a Genre Tables Evening Networking Event, and access to the Networking Room. 

You can learn more about the conference by visiting the ASPC page of the Atlanta Writers Club website, and you can register for the conference here

26th Atlanta Writers Conference 

Friday, May 6, 2022 & Saturday, May 7, 2022 
Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel Or Virtual 

The Atlanta Writers Conference was voted “Best Writing Conference in Georgia” in The Writer magazine, receiving more votes than any other conference in the U.S. in their February 2019 and February 2020 issues. The Atlanta Writers Conference is the perfect conference for those looking to get published and individuals wishing to receive feedback on a manuscript. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn more about the writing and publishing business and a great way to network with fellow writers, industry professionals, and literary agents. 

According to Atlanta Writers Club, more than forty members have signed with agents or editors they met at conferences. Some of these members scored book deals, and one member received a movie deal! 

Individuals can submit manuscripts via email to editors and agents for critiques if submitted one month before the conference. You can learn more about the 26th Atlanta Writers Conference, its activities, and the process of submitting manuscripts and registering here on AWC’s website.

How to Donate, Contact, and Stay In Touch  

You can donate to this 501(c)(3) nonprofit to support its mission via the donation page. In addition, if you have any questions regarding memberships, conferences, or any other general inquiries, you can email Atlanta Writers Club at [email protected] and sign up for their email list.

Are you interested in literary news and upcoming events? Stay in touch with Atlanta Writers Club by checking out eQuill, the organization’s monthly newsletter. View the March 2022 edition here!