Nine Things Learned During PubCon’s Masters Training SEO Track

Missed out on PubCon’s Masters Training? Well we went, and stayed within the SEO track all day. Want to learn everything we did? …That would take about eight hours (and 1,000 PowerPoint slides.) We did, though, cut it down to 9 simple and easy to remember (and tweet) things. Read on to learn at least a little bit of what was covered during PubCon’s Master SEO Track:

  1. Tim Ash really enjoys yelling. On the bright side, he does yell about things that you should know. For example, about how the brain works, and why even though the tools marketers have at their disposal have changed over the past couple decades, the strategies we use really have not.
  2. Anchors can help you convert, when used appropriately. Anchor high, if you want your later, lower options to be more attractive.
  3. Want to protect your reputation? Andy Beal recommends checking the first three pages of results for a Google search of your brand, when starting out. This includes the first page results that matter now, as well as the results on page two and three which can easily matter a lot a couple months from now, with a little help from SEO (and particularly when Google’s Host Crowding comes into play.)
  4. If you’re trying to fill up the front page with positive results, multiple domains (with substantial, unique content) will help. Ten identical, one-page websites will not.
  5. To understand how your website is being seen by search engines, you need to look at it like Search Engines do. Joe Laratro suggested a couple tools (such as the Web Developer Firefox Add-on,) which would allow you to view the web with Java, Javascript, and Meta-Redirects turned off, but Alt Attributes turned on, to help you find problem spots you otherwise might have missed.
  6. He also covered one of the most important errors that we often see on E-Commerce sites: category pages without any information. If you’re selling shoes, don’t just have the shoe names on a page, next to prices. Have a couple paragraphs on why those “running shoes” are worth purchasing. Joe also really really likes Rock of Ages. Probably a little too much, to be frank.
  7. Todd Malicoat summed up pretty much the entire day in one set of equations: Links = Ranks = Conversions = $$$
  8. The relatively risk-free link-building strategy that kept getting mentioned? Guest-blogging. Start off with Blogger-Linkup, then start progressing with advanced search terms to find high quality blogs, such as “inurl:.org ‘submit guest post'”
  9. Need help with any of the above? Thankfully, a plethora of SEO tools were mentioned throughout the day. In addition to the usuals (SEOMoz, Majestic SEO, and Raven Tools,) there was also talk about SpyFu, SEMRush, SEObook, buzzstream, and Linkdex.