New Orleans vs. Atlanta vs. DC: Broken Down

Since our founding in New Orleans in 2012, Online Optimism has expanded to both Atlanta and DC. While all three locations work together to provide our clients with the best possible experience, each space is unique. From the people to the locations to the amenities offered, each office brings something different to the table. We asked our Optimists to share their favorite things about their local office and here’s what they said!

New Orleans

Our flagship office in New Orleans is the biggest and has the most employees working locally. 

The nitro cold brew in the New Orleans office, provided by Riverboat Coffee, a New Orleans-based coffee company, is by far the most popular among employees. The snacks are also a New Orleans Optimist favorite specifically Cheez-Its and Trader Joes’ chicken soup dumplings. 

When it comes to the office itself, the plants, natural light, and our Barketing team make coming to work each day a blast! The comfy green, velvet couch also deserves a special mention. 

When it comes to exploring the city, our Optimists like to check out the local breweries and walk around the sculpture garden in City Park.


We expanded to Atlanta in October 2020 and moved into our current office in Colony Square in Midtown in June 2021. 

The coworking space has a kitchen with cold brew on tap and a coffee machine that makes delicious lattes and cappuccinos; our Atlanta Optimists are always happy and caffeinated. There’s also a food court downstairs with delicious options from burgers to banh mi. 

Located in bustling Midtown, options for entertainment are seemingly endless. The most noteworthy place for entertainment near us, is the High Museum of Art which is just a five minute walk from our office. 

An added bonus is how close the building is to public transportation. We’re just a short walk from MARTA’s Arts Center Station.

Washington, DC

The DC expansion was announced in June of this year. Our DC Optimists also praise the cold brew on tap— we are three for three when it comes to great coffee at our offices. The DC location also comes with a sparkling water machine and fruit-infused water. 

Around the city, the free museums in the National Mall are a big attraction for our Optimists. DC’s architecture also always makes exploring the city even more interesting. Our CEO, Flynn, is exceptionally excited about McPherson Square, the park being rebuilt across the street from the office.

In Summary

Optimists at all three offices work together to do exemplary work for our clients. The amenities at each office are fun bonuses for the already fulfilling work. We’re thankful for the individuals in our company who help create and sustain  a fun and healthy company culture even from across the country. At Online Optimism we are upholding our shared company values and remaining endlessly optimistic in the three cities we now call home.