Louisiana Food Branding with Color Theory in Mind

When we think of what attracts tourists to Louisiana, a few of the obvious reasons come to mind: music, history, culture, to-go cups and these are all good reasons to visit. However, how do we take these features of Louisiana and advertise them most effectively? When there is a company that is involved in Louisiana food branding, what do they think about? There are a number of factors, but one largely unrecognized aspect of brand advertising is color theory.

Color theory is a tool that marketers and branders use to enhance consumers’ emotions behind a specific product or service. Influencing consumers’ emotional thought is a key element in converting people who see brands into brand consumers. Having the power to sway someone in by subtly using certain colors is easier said than done because the message, color, and concept must be communicated and aligned. Let’s consider a few examples.

Besides being terrible for your health, what do the following restaurants these companies have in common?

McDonalds, Burger King, Papa John’s, Wendy’s, Krystal, Five Guys, Popeye’s, Chick-fil-a, Panda Express, Dairy Queen, KFC, Carl’s Jr, In-N-Out, Pizza Hut, Arby’s, Hardee’s, Domino’s.

Food Company Logos

They all have one color that dominates their logo. That color is red. Yellow comes in second place, with white and black lettering and borders coming in third. Red is the most powerful color, the color of energy, passion and motivates us to take action. Seeing the color red makes people’s hearts race, stomachs churn, and in some cases, can make humans hungry.

Louisiana, a food capital of the United States, with its resurgence of the tourism industry, will utilize the color red in many of its food, restaurant, bar, event spaces and other notable branding efforts – especially some of Online Optimism’s favorites, like Tony Chachere’s and Zatarain’s.

Tony Chacheres and Zatarains Logos

To conclude as we began, the brand of New Orleans and Louisiana will implement color theories across the city, to highlight different vibes, show off unique aspects, and complement each other nicely. Taking food for example, we can see the power of a simple color combination (red & yellow) in driving emotion. With the influx of visitors during Mardi Gras, Jazzfest, and all the other festivals around town, you want to make sure your brand represents and sends the right message to visitors.

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