My First Week as a Digital Marketing Specialist at Online Optimism

I began my freshman year at Tulane University in 2018. Like most of my peers, I was unsure of my career goals. I excelled in art (check out some of my work from high school and college), enjoyed creative writing and entrepreneurship classes, and was fascinated by social media. I soon became a brand ambassador for Postmates, where I discovered my passion for digital marketing by creating graphics and advertisements via social media. Since then, I have taken on numerous social media management roles, both personally and professionally. I have strived to work in a creative marketing agency!

The Specialist Program

I discovered Online Optimism while doing research on the wonderful world of marketing in New Orleans. Online Optimism stood out to me not only because of the cute “Barketing Staff” website page but also because of the unique Specialist Program which provides real-world marketing experience- exactly what I’ve been looking for! I attended a monthly Marketing Blend at the NOLA office and had the opportunity to chat with some previous Specialists about their experience with Online Optimism. I made sure I was signed up for OO newsletters so I could get my Specialist application sent in ASAP.

I’m an Optimist! 

I am feeling extremely optimistic about my time as a Digital Marketing Specialist! Over the next few months, I will be collaborating with every department and assisting on a variety of projects. Within the first week of working with Online Optimism, I’ve familiarized myself with clients, edited web pages, learned about SEO, branding, social media management, and much more. With the help of Sam and Sara, I’ve been able to jump right in!

In the past, Specialists worked within one department. As the Digital Marketing Specialist, I have the unique opportunity to work across all departments, which is beneficial for several reasons. It fosters a collaborative environment which can be difficult in a technological space. It will allow me to gain knowledge from a diverse group of people, and provide me with a better understanding of the agency. I’ve already had the opportunity to meet with the Design, Social Media, and Development directors, and I am eager to help out with every project! Within the next few months, I hope to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Feel confident in my understanding of Google Analytics, Google Ads, SEO, and other analytical tools.
  2. Attend 2+ networking or speaking events.
  3. Learn how to create an effective media kit for a new business (choosing colors, fonts, logos, etc.)
  4. Be able to design a webpage that increases clicks, views, and impressions.
  5. Manage a social media page and increase views and clicks by 5%.
  6. Have a portfolio of 2+ blogs (first one done!), brand kits, and digital advertisements.

Culture, Collaboration, Companions

Its unique work culture and positive environment sets Online Optimism apart from other companies. The camaraderie among colleagues, the emphasis on collaboration and growth, and the open communication channels create an environment where I feel valued and supported. I especially love the daily appreciation shout-outs and check-ins. Even more, I can connect with staff members in non-work related groups where we chat about everything from wellness to podcasts. Did I mention that the office is dog-friendly? I’m not the only one who likes working in the NOLA office. My pup, Luna, had an incredible time doing zoomies down the hall and playing with Tom’s toys (sorry Tom). It’s safe to say that we are both thankful for an animal-loving team.

Luna Enjoying the Office Couch

Think You Want to be a Digital Marketing Specialist?

Being a Digital Marketing Specialist has not been easy, but has already given me a holistic understanding of digital media marketing. I’m able to contribute my skills and experience while simultaneously learning from a team of talented individuals. I’m excited to see what’s in store for the next few months!

While I’ve only been working with Online Optimism for one week, I’ve compiled some tips for aspiring Specialists.

Be ready for anything

You will hit the ground running in your first week! Get ready to take on a diverse set of tasks.

Come with prior knowledge

Though it’s not required, it’s helpful to have an understanding of marketing processes such as SEO and KPI. I recommend completing online programs like the Skillshop Google Analytics 4 course I recently finished.

Brainstorm goals and expectations.

Why do you want to take on this role? What are you hoping to learn? How are you looking to contribute to the agency? Get the most out of your experience with Online Optimism by setting goals to accomplish. Scroll up to see my personal goals!

Interested in applying for the Specialist Program?