Monday’s Marketing News With Search Engine Trust and Wrestlemania

We’ve searched the web for the most interesting (marketing-related at least) stories from around the net and the local area. Read on to see what’s new this week

Users Trust Seach Engines Just as Much as they Trust Traditional News

The recently released 13th annual Edelman Trust Barometer showed that, for the first time, people around the world trust search engines as much as traditional news sources (both at 58%.) This is pretty incredible even to those of us whose livelihoods rely on search, and shows the importance of making sure that your business is properly represented on the pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The Rich See a Different Internet Than the Poor

Most marketers know that the web quickly adapts to your past habits and user preferences, but the issue has been getting more looked at after privacy groups have brought it into the spotlight. This Scientific American article takes a different approach than the privacy groups, by pitting it as marketers taking advantage of data by skirting laws that prohibit advertising according to socio-economic standing.

20 Different Harlem Shake Analyses

Ok, so we only linked to 5 in the title, but we promise there are at least 20. If you haven’t yet seen the Harlem Shake, take 30 seconds and look up one. Then another. Then another. They’re the newest trend to hit YouTube, and a great look at how easy participation in your content is what makes things go viral these days.

Burger King’s Twitter Hacked!

Burger King's Hacked Twitter AccoutnIf you were on Twitter this morning, you got to see the pain of someone getting hacked first-hand. Burger King’s account was mysteriously taken over and changed into a derogatory McDonalds account, by those with less than perfect morals. It was up for, shockingly, nearly an hour, before Twitter suspended the account.

Wrestlemania Coming to New Orleans

Wrestlemania will be held inside the Superdome in 2014, which is good news, since it brings an estimated 125,000 visitors with it as well. Expect a lot more stories from us as the year goes on to help businesses around the Greater New Orleans area take advantage of the potential of this event. First, though, you have to figure out the big question. Will the hashtag be the traditional #WrestlemaniaXXX, or will they go for a more family-friendly #Wrestlemania30?

That’s a quick wrap-up for this week. Check back every day this week for more blog updates, or next Monday for a wrap-up of the past 7 day’s most interesting stories.