Meet the Team at Online Optimism

It’s been 15 months since I launched Online Optimism, and what a 15 months it has been! We’re grown out of our original space into offices on Oak Street, worked with some amazing clients, and most importantly, have expanded our team to include some of the incredible talent graduating from local universities (or those who have moved down to New Orleans.)

Links to all 5 of us are below, but some interesting stats for those that prefer their biographies in data-form:

  • Average employee age: 23 and a half
  • Number of local colleges / universities represented: 3 – Tulane, Loyola, and UNO
  • Clients worked with this year: dozens
  • Our clear pick for favorite website: Reddit (during lunch breaks, of course)
  • Number of employees who have passed the Bar Exam: 1
  • Favorite energy drink: A perfectly even split between Monster, Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, Coffee, and “I don’t drink energy drinks.”

Looking for the full bios? Meet myself, Patrick, Eric, Morgan, and Alex.