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Macro is a free stock photography website that features inclusive imagery by diverse creators. According to Zippia, the most prominent ethnicity in the professional photography industry is white, at 71.8%. The next highest ethnic demographic of professional photographers is Hispanic at 13.8%. The lowest ethnic demographic is Black at 5.6%. Additionally, only about 8% of all professional photographers identify as LGBTQ. 

Macro is placing the spotlight on the culture and history in New Orleans and DC, captured through the lenses of talented photographers whose experiences shed a light on those who are often left unseen. Macro seeks to set the stage for these artists and their work by giving them the space and recognition they merit. Images are organized by city with categories including career images, lifestyle images, business images, and more. 

Macro is working to bridge the gap and create a space where more BIPOC photographers can break into the industry and get hired. Each photographer has about 50-75 photos available to download. Photos range from park scenes to landscapes and even close-up shots of office life. If you enjoy a specific photographer, you can contact them through Macro and hire them! Macro launched with 3 featured photographers. Learn more about them below. 

Zora Khiry

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Zora Khiry is from New Orleans. Once a content specialist at Online Optimism, Zora got her interest in photography when she got a Tumblr account in 2012. She started out editing photos she took on her iPhone until she got a digital camera. Her favorite things to shoot are street photography and landscape photography.

Zora had this to say on diversity and inclusion: “I think diversity in front of the camera is easy, but diversity behind the camera is difficult. Often black or trans photographers see the world very differently, even behind the lens.”

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Aboubacar Kante 

Aboubacar headshotAboubacar Kante is a photojournalist and editorial photographer based in Atlanta. He found his love for photography from his aunt who is also a photojournalist. A graduate of the Art Institute in Atlanta, Aboubacar has been a freelance photographer and frequent contributor to publications such as The New York Times, Bloomberg, and NBC News.

Aboubacar commented about the Macro Project: “I absolutely love what Macro is doing by giving BIPOC photographers a chance to showcase their work on a platform specifically geared towards us. I feel as if this is extremely important in the field of photography. I hope that this project has a long life and continues to give publicity and spread the work of BIPOC photographers in the U.S. and abroad.”

Download Aboubacar’s Photos! 

Jamaal Davies

Jamaal Davies is a Guyanese-American photographer based out of Washington, DC. He got his interest in photography at a young age, after receiving a camera as a gift. Since then, he hasn’t been able to separate himself from photography. He loves working one on one with subjects, depicting and photographing their current self — giving them a memory to look back on for a lifetime.Jamaal headshot

“I hope this project brings attention to my photos and motivates and encourages someone else to pick up photography and tell their stories of their own and others via photography!” Jamaal said. 

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