If You Think Mobile is Big Now, Wait Until You See Google’s Plans

For those following digital marketing, the big trend has been for the past several years the ongoing march towards digital. Smartphone users just passed 50% in the U.S. for the first time recently, and Facebook’s entire future is essentially resting on how well they can do mobile. But Google might have just changed the whole game.

Google Free Zone, as the new service is being called, enables all phones, even those without data plans, to access Google Search, Gmail, and Google+ (which yes, still exists.) Currently the service is only launching in the Philippines, but there is no reason to think that Google won’t expand it in the future.

So what does this mean for mobile advertisers? Well, for those in the Philippines, the necessity of local SEO is even more apparent as the number of phone users searching on Google increases. But for those of us in the states, this can serve as a wake-up call. Mobile is going to be the next big thing over the next decade. What desktop search was to the 00’s, mobile search will be to the 10’s. Is your company ready?