Ideas & Lessons from Sage Summit 2015


Sage Summit 2015 was a fantastical gathering of like minded individuals to discuss business, workflow and creativity. The atmosphere was buzzing with tons of speakers in an open atmosphere arena surrounded by the beautiful city of New Orleans. Below are some of the talks that I attended and the main points I took from them.


Susan Solovic‘s talk Secrets to building a personality brand from a network television insider: The Small Business Expert covered so many facets of being involved with national media. In her talk, Susan discussed the voyage to national media. She delved into when to get PR, when not to take PR, the motives behind why certain opportunities were chosen, and showed some examples of beneficial and detrimental PR through national media examples.





Seth David‘s talk, From $25 to $185: Power pricing your value pricing: being paid what you’re worth and being liked for it, was a great resource for young businesses who are growing rapidly and are unsure how to structure their client flow. The number one piece of advice from this talk is easy to understand but can be hard in practice: raise your price when the demand is high. When a business or service has little time to focus on its major clients, it should consider dropping its lowest clients, raising the price, using the extra hours to make the major clients even larger.




Leslie Shiner‘s talk Using Psychology 101 to build your business covered basic psychological principles and how to apply them to business to better gain traction. Motivating your clients up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is essential in connecting with them, the first step towards understanding their brand and how the brand needs to be built.





Chelsea Krost‘s talk titled How to appeal to the Millennial consumer: Millennials will have the largest combined spending power of any generation by year 2017 was very useful to those in branding, especially for younger companies. She explained how millennial’s mostly still shop in brick and mortar stores, and the internet is mostly used for browsing, comparing and researching. Because millennials love instant gratification, they are more likely to buy something in a store than online and wait for it to arrive.




Tracy Carlson‘s Sage Summit talk Outlaws and orphans and warriors, Oh my! How archetypes can help power your brand and business was a passionate and relevant discussion for anyone in the business world. From the rebel, like Steve Jobs, to the warrior, like Bill Gates, often the leading man or woman in a company plays a major role in setting the standard for how the company extends its reach. Having a leader, or a brand with a strong archetype can boost sales.




Overall, Sage Summit 2015 was a great experience. Many business cards were exchanged, relationships formed, and ideas sparked. With almost 8,000 attendee’s, Sage was a great success in New Orleans, and we look forward to hopefully having everyone back in town for business or pleasure.