How to Set Up Facebook Shop Using Shopify

Facebook announced their new “Shop” program yesterday, and we were eager to test it out to see what it looks like for our small businesses. Here’s how to connect any Shopify site with Facebook/Instagram’s new Shop platform.

Connecting Your Shopify Site with Facebook’s New Shop Feature

First, you’ll need to go to your Business Page as an admin. From their, click the new Shop button on the left side. It’ll present you with a pop-up, where you can go to Facebook’s Commerce Manager Directly.

How to Set Up Facebook Shop - Welcome Screen

You’ll start out by connecting your Commerce Manager account with a Facebook Page, and a Facebook Business Manager Account. If you haven’t yet made a Business Manager account, you’ll be prompted to do so. Here’s why you’ll want one!

Once you have your Business Accounts connected, you move forward to setting up your Facebook Shop’s Inventory and Preferences.

Select your Facebook Product Catalog on the next page. If you’ve never made a Product Catalogue before tying in your Shopify site to Facebook, you should click Create a New Catalog: Create and Link a new Catalog. Once you’ve created a catalog, you’ll set up your shipping options for:

  • Standard Shipping
  • Expedited Shipping
  • Rush Shipping

There’s no set standard to how many days each of these receives – and there doesn’t appear to be a way at the moment to set shipping up for different parts of the United States.

You’ll start out by setting up your banking information. At the moment, the Facebook Commerce Manager can only be used by merchants who have a bank account in the United States. Customers can only purchase in the US and pay in US dollars (USD).

Once you’ve set up your shipping, you’ll be asked to confirm your return policy (there is a 30 day minimum), and a customer service contact.

Facebook Shop - Return Policy and Customer ServiceStep 3: Set Up Payouts

Finally, the 🤑 step: let’s get paid!

To do so, you initially will pick your business address, and where payment/order notifications should go. Then, you’ll pick your business category.

Facebook Shop - Payouts - What Do You Sell

Following your category, you’ll put in your banking information (no screenshots of that one from us!)

Congratulations, you’ve set up your commerce account.

How Do You Connect Your Facebook Shop Commerce Account with Shopify?

Congratulations, you’ve set up your Commerce Account. But that’s only half the battle. Here’s how to do that:

Facebook Shop - Set Up Your Catalog

First, you need to install the Facebook Channel on Your Site, via this link:


Once you’ve installed the Facebook Sales Channel with your Shopify website, you’ll either see one of two options. If you’re approved to sell on Facebook Shop (at this point in late May, 2020, only open to those with Instagram Product Tagging available) you’ll see the channel options. If you’re not yet approved to sell through Facebook Shop, you’ll see the screenshot below.

Facebook Shops - Coming Soon

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