How to Navigate the Bing Ads Editor

Have you ever tried to make multiple updates to your campaigns through a slow interface? If so, Bing Ads Editor, now renamed Microsoft Ads, is here to help. This desktop editing tool ran as a beta program in 2016 and is now available on all computers. Keep reading if you are interested in using the ad editor but aren’t sure where to get started. 

Why Use Bing Ads Editor

The Bing ad editor streamlines your PPC campaign management. This one tool lets you do it all, including: 

  • Transfer account data from Google directly into the editor 
  • Sync your campaigns and accounts 
  • Make changes or additions offline
  • Upload revisions with one click
  • Directly create campaigns, edit ads, and manage keywords at once 
  • Manage URLs, ad copy, budgets, bids, targeting, and ad extensions 
  • Download multiple accounts at the same time 
  • Copy and paste from one account to the other 
  • Perform multiple Google imports simultaneously
  • Research new keywords and bids 

The Bing ads editor not only allows you to work across campaigns more efficiently but it allows you the leverage to optimize those campaigns. 

Microsoft owns Bing, Yahoo, and AOL, so your ads will appear on all three search engines when using the Bing Ads Editor. This opens up your campaigns to searches not only on those sites but all sites owned and operated by those search engines such as all the Yahoo verticals, Autoblog, TechCrunch, Engadget, and Built by Girls. 

Bing Ads Editor vs. Google AdWords Editor

When comparing Bing Ads vs. Google AdWords, there are several things to consider. For example, both platforms show display URLs underneath the headlines, but Bing bolds the URL to make it more visible, while Google does not. 

If your business is in shopping or financial services, you should heavily consider using the Bing ads editor because those ads have higher CTRs. 

Bing ads provide a substantial amount of opportunity that Google does not. They reach 63 million users that aren’t reached with Google AdWords and provide advertisers with the chance to reach older and more educated users. This is evidenced by the fact that almost 40% of Bing users range from 35 to 54 years old. 

While Bing does not always have the volume of traffic that Google does, it makes up for it in overall performance. The average campaign budget to utilize Google AdWords is around $2,000, while with Bing, the cost ranges from $400–$700. The reasoning for the lower price is due to less competition of advertisers bidding, allowing you to get more for your dollar. According to ReportGarden, CPC averages $7.99 on Bing and $20.08 on Google. 

Ways to Manage Your PPC Campaigns 

There are two ways to manage your PPC campaign through the editor. You can visit the web user interface at www.bingads.microsoft.com, which allows you to access information for an individual campaign item, or go through the Bing Ads’ application programming interface (API), which will enable you to build tools to manage your campaign data in bulk. 

Find and Replace

This feature is what allows you to update your ad copy. All you have to do is select your ads in the Ads tab and click replace text in the editor pane. To replace, navigate to the find box, type the words you’d like to change, and click replace, similar to the find and replace feature with Google. 

Advanced Search

Advanced search allows you to access search criteria easily. You can set multiple parameters within the advanced search to find several items with those attributes. Additionally, you can choose from active, paused, inactive, disapproved, or deleted ads. You can also save searches if you think you will use them again in the future by clicking save as a custom search. They will always be accessible by clicking the summary grid in the view drop-down. 

Keyword Edits

The Bing ads editor allows you to edit the text of your keywords and post changes. Click the keywords tab and edit them in the manager or editor pane to do so. Another feature is negative keywords. You can cut, copy, and paste negative keywords from one list to another through the shared library. 

Shared Budgets

The Bing ads editor also supports shared budgets when the budget is being distributed across multiple campaigns. You can then keep track of each budget’s performance, and if one has run out of funds, it will automatically switch to budget paused. 

Errors and Warnings

Seeing errors, warnings, and opportunities is also effortless with the Bing ads editor. The warning notifications indicate potential unfavorable behavior, including negative keyword conflicts, while the information notifications consist of details unrelated to delivery issues, such as pending editorial review. Additionally, the opportunity notifications will let you know of areas and chances for improvement, such as low bids. 

Let Online Optimism Navigate Bing Ads Editor for Your Business

The Bing ads editor has many benefits that will allow you to use Bing to the best abilities and get your ad seen by more people. However, running Bing PPC campaigns can be tricky, but at Online Optimism, our team is well versed in all ad platforms and can help get your business the most views at the lowest price. Contact us today to get your PPC campaign up and running!