How to Get Your Website on Page 1 of Google: SEO for Nonprofits

On Tuesday, August 20th, I presented to the New Orleans chapter of Nonprofit Tech Clubs, to educate their members about how nonprofits can get to the first page of Google. We went over what SEO is, and the basics/advanced strategies concerning SEO for nonprofits.

My slides are below.

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Trust is the Search Engine’s judgment of how authoritative and reliable a website is.

To Increase Trust:

  • Keep the same URL for a long time.
  • Be written about on reliable websites.
  • Be shared on social media by trusted accounts.

Code is the site architecture behind the scenes that tells Search Engines what your site is about.

To Improve your code performance:

  • Get better hosting if your site takes more than three seconds to load.
    • Ensure you have Page Titles, Meta-Descriptions, and URLs customized.
    • Have a responsive website.
  • HTTPs

Content are the words (webpages, blogs…) and media (images, video…) that you have on the website.

Content that Improves your SEO:

    • Unique
    • Valuable
    • Well-Written
    • Uses Keywords often Searched For
    • Timely
    • Mixes text and images
    • Easily readable
  • Answers questions

Links are weblinks from other websites pointing to yours.

Links that Improve your SEO are:

  • From authoritative websites
  • From websites in your industry
  • With anchor text relevant to you.
    • The body of the link.

For Non-Profits, request links from:

  • Sponsors / Grant Writers
  • Board Members
  • Your Intern’s Schools
  • Press About Your Organization
  • Your Volunteers

How the user is searching heavily affects what they see.

  • Where are they searching from?
  • What language search engine are they using?
  • What kind of device are they using?
  • What webpages have they visited in the past?
  • What did they recently search?