Hello (Internet Marketing) World

Welcome to Online Optimism’s first blog post! We’re pretty excited about launching our company and our website, and we know that looking back on this first blog post years from now, our organization will still building off the ideals that we’ll write about today.

Online Optimism was created because of a need we saw in the world. There are millions of businesses in the United States (27 million, to be exact.) And there are tens of thousands of advertising agencies. But all of the organizations that our team member had worked at only offered cookie-cutter experiences.

For SEO, they would accomplish the same standard quick link-builds and optimization tricks that would enable easy (but not long-term) growth, and send the client on their way. For social media, the race for increasing the number of likes dominated the much more important task of looking at the numbers and analyzing how to increase ROI from these fans. Website builders would spit out a design that didn’t take your branding into account, and then upsell you on services that should always come for free.

We believe differently. We want to get to know your organization, inside and out. We believe in our knowledge of everything involved with the internet marketing world, but only your know your company. We will work with your knowledge, expertise and the years of experience that you have running your business, and give it the best possible presence online. We’ll strive to constantly to deliver the best results for your company, and we’ll always be completely honest with you – if there is something that we simply can’t accomplish ourselves, we’ll let you know.

Online Optimism will always be about making your business better online, whether it’s through being one of our clients, or simply by following the advice on these blog posts. If you have any questions, or comments, send an email to [email protected] – our staff is always happy to take on new challenges.

We look forward to working with you.

The Online Optimism Team