Google’s New Disavow Tool – To Use, or Not To Use?

Google released their newest tool to help webmasters fight link-spam this week with their disavow tool. So should you use it? There’s an easy way to know.

Google Disavow Links

If you were eagerly waiting on the edge of your seat for this tool to be released, then yes, hurry up and use it!

If you’re anyone else, then you probably don’t need to. This tool is only useful for those that had participated in black-hat (read: bad) SEO in the past. If your organization paid for links, which was a useful tactic five years ago but is looked down upon strongly today, then you’ll need it. But you probably knew you needed it, because your traffic would have crashed horribly several month ago.

If you’re unsure if that group involves you, then you’ll need a digital analysis. We’ll take a look at your company’s online presence, from your website, to social media, to your competitors, to the websites that link to you. Only by seeing every mention of your organization online, can you be 100% sure of whether or not you need this new tool.