13 Stats & Data on the New Gas App You Should Know

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Gas App in the App Store
Gas App in the App Store by Online Optimism CC BY 4.0. Please use with attribution.

What Is the Gap App?

Gas in an app that allows users to compliment their friends. At the moment, it’s the top app in the app store 1, despite only being available to high schoolers in several states. Its appeal lies in the authenticity it promises, similar to BeReal, another fast-growing app in 2022.

When Did Gas Launch?

Gas launched in August 2022, according to their own website. 2

Is the Gas App Free?

Most of the functionality on Gas is free. For example, you can compliment your friends at no cost to you. However, Gas does offer a “God Mode,” which unlocks other features.

Answering a Gas Poll on a Red Backgroun
Answering a Gas Poll by Online Optimism CC BY 4.0. Please use with attribution.

Who Created the Gas App?

Gas was created by a trio of founders: Nikita Bier, Dave Schatz, and Isaiah Turner. You may recognize Nikita’s name from being the founder of TBH, an app that fireworked itself up the App charts in 2018 before being purchased by Meta, then known as Facebook. 3

Is the Gas App Available on iPhone?

Yes, Gas can be downloaded in Apple’s app store here.

Is the Gas App Available on Android?

As of October 2022, Gas is not yet available in Google/Alphabet’s Play Store. Looks like you’ll need to find a friend with the green text bubbles in order to enjoy the polls.

Did the Gas App Used to Be Called Something Else?

Gas was previously called “Crush” before rebranding in 2022. 4

How Many Users Does Gas Have?

Gas has yet to release statistics about daily active users, monthly active users, or downloads. However, to get to the top of the app store, the number is likely in the tens of hundreds of thousands.

What Are Flames and Coins for in the Gas App?

If you’re selected in a poll, congrats, you’re getting some flames. You can tell the gender of the individual who picked you by the color of the flame.

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Is the Gas App Safe?

According to the experts at PYE, Gas’ risk was rated as “low” compared to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. 5 As of now, there is no private messaging feature between individual users. Users can only interact with people who they have friended on the app, and their only ways to engage are through polls.

Is the Gas App Private?

According to Gas, user privacy is a high priority. Users’ account information is solely used for the app and never sold or shared with third-parties, except with internal service providers or when required by law. To protect the privacy of minors, Gas recommends that children under the age of 13 should not use Gas.

How Many Employees Does Gas Have?

As of November, 2022, Gas has four employees.6 Expect their team to grow, soon!


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