Forging a Personal Connection in the Digital World

As a company that relies on e-commerce and getting businesses online for staying profitable, we’re often given crazy stares when we discuss the importance of ‘being present’ for consumers. But time and time again, with clients of all sizes, we’ve discovered that if they want to connect with consumers, the best bet is to get that consumer talking to the business as quickly as possibly.

For most online stores, this means placing their phone number at the top of the page. Social media has also helped organizations of all sizes be able to connect one-on-one with their customers.

Yes, we do realize looking into screens at the printed word of someone else’s speech isn’t as strong as actually meeting someone face-to-face (and we do fully expect that within the next decade, technologies such as FaceTime or Skype will become prominent.) But for now, even for a populace that is more heavily than ever dependent on the internet (check the latest Christmas retail sales numbers for proof) – forging a personal connection in the digital world – whether it be through a webcam, phone call, or live chat – will bring you and your business one step closer to making a connection and a sale.