Facebook Global Brand Pages Finally Give the Big Brands Some Simplicity

In the past, if your company was spread out around the world across multiple countries, managing your Facebook presence was an absolute nightmare. Different languages, different numbers of Likes, different timelines, different conversations. It was essentially un-manageable, even for a very well trained team. Only someone with more than 168 hours in their week could have done it. But Facebook just solved that problem (or at least started to.)

Global brand pages are an opportunity for a brand to manage at least one Facebook global brand page, which will have a cumulative number of likes. Within that page, though, fans (and those managing them) will have the option to enter country-centric pages. This means that each page can still have a unique cover photo, unique timeline, and unique conversations with fans – albeit with the opportunity to also be conversing on a “global” level.

So what does this mean to you?

If you’re a small business owner or have a smaller Facebook presence (like many of our clients who specifically target New Orleans social media,) then it doesn’t mean much. Although you should still be excited that Facebook is at least considering the problem, since doesn’t everyone hope to be big enough to require a global Facebook page one day?

But if you’re a larger organization attempting to manage a social media presence, then accept this blessing for what it is. A small step in the right direction towards making social media help millions of customers feel like they’re being marketed to individually.