Employee Perks That Keep Us Optimistic

Part of having a great company culture is offering fun and unique perks to employees. We all come to work to do our jobs and do them well, but added benefits ensure that our time at work is enjoyable and fulfilling. Here are just some of the perks that come along with working at Online Optimism.

Office Culture

While we have a great hybrid working policy, it’s important for our team to come together for both work and play. Whether they’re working from home or from one of our physical offices, we find ways to keep our team connected and enthusiastic about the work we do together.


If your dog likes being around people and is house trained, then the office is the perfect place for them to be! At Online Optimism, our dogs are part of our identity as a company, and we want them around us as much as possible. Our New Orleans office is completely dog friendly—you can even check out our “Barketing” Staff on our team page.

Friday Lunches

Being a company that began in New Orleans, there’s few better ways to connect our team than through delicious food. Every Friday, in-office team members get a free lunch from a local restaurant. Providing a weekly lunch is a simple way for us to boost morale and build community with one another.

Happy Hour

One of our other Friday activities is our company Happy Hour! During the last hour of work, Optimists get together to have drinks and snacks, chat, and maybe play some games. We host both in-person and remote Happy Hours, so everyone can participate. It’s a great opportunity to have some fun and de-stress at the end of the week.

Employee Wellness

We can only do our best work if our team is taken care of. That’s why we offer additional perks that allow us to prioritize our Optimists’ health and well-being.

Employee Assistance Program

We offer an Employee Assistance Program for our employees to get free mental health counseling. Everyone does their best work when they are mentally healthy and Online Optimism wants to assist employees on their journeys to mental wellness.

Unlimited Sick Days

No one does their best work when they’re sick. Instead of coming to work sick and risking getting worse, Optimists can take unlimited sick days to rest and feel better. Building on trust means we trust that they’ll use their sick days appropriately and get their work done once they’re back in shape.


We don’t underestimate the value of celebrating our team’s wins, or ensuring that they have ample professional opportunities outside of the office. These are just a few of the additional perks that our Optimists have access to.


Occasional gifting to employees can be a nice way of showing appreciation. For birthdays, client kickoffs, and renewals, Online Optimism will send out gifts appropriate to the event. Gifts of any size show thought and appreciation for our employees and the work they do.

Networking Events

Online Optimism wants all employees to develop professionally, both for the company and for their own personal goals. We pay for all employees’ tickets to networking events in their cities or online. Networking events are great opportunities to meet potential clients, people in the community, and fellow professionals in the marketing industry.

Learn More About Becoming an Optimist

All of our employee perks align with our vision of being the marketing agency that organizations want to work with and that people aspire to work for. To learn more about employee perks and company culture, check out our Careers page. Are there any other perks you think we should offer? Let us know!