December 2020 Newsletter

Optimistic News December 2020

It’s Not Weird to Talk About Money


Over eight years, the most common question that I get asked is, “Do y’all just play with dogs all day?” The second most common question is, “How much does it cost?

The pricing question has always had the same answer: “It depends.” After eight years, we thought it was time to put our thoughts, and the range of answers, into a new pricing information page.

(And, no, we don’t just play with dogs all day. A few Optimists also have cats.)

Thinking beyond 💸🐱🐶, we’re moving into the Holiday season, and even though Thanksgiving was last week, it’s still a lovely time to give thanks. For me, that includes being thankful to our talented Optimists for working extra-hard during a challenging year, thankful to our clients for trusting us with their business, thankful to New Orleans for keeping me Optimistic about the resiliency of our city, thankful to our new second home in Atlanta being so welcoming to Taylor, and thankful to my friends + family for serving as impromptu advisory boards many times this year. The growth that Online Optimism has achieved over the last 11 months is from all of you.

It’s been a long year. If there’s anything our Optimists can do in the next 31 days to make yours better, reach out. We’re here to help!

Flynn Zaiger

New: How Much Does Online Optimism Cost?

Three Optimists sitting with masks on

Ever wondered how much our Optimistic campaigns cost? Our team has put together a pricing page to explain how much we charge for our campaigns and web design services. We’re happy to talk with anybody interested in our services, so if you’d like a custom proposal with more exact pricing, speak to an Optimist today!

Case Study:
New Orleans Regional Planning Commission

Our design team has been working hard, creating a brand new website for the New Orleans Regional Planning Commission. Their goal was to overhaul their digital presence by creating a new, informative, helpful and organized site. Our Design & Development team worked hand in hand to create a user experience that elevated their work and engaged the public.

Three Nonprofits to Highlights This Month

Today is Giving Tuesday. If you haven’t already picked out which nonprofits to give to, we wanted to highlight three non-profits in Louisiana that are doing exceptional work. Each of these non-profits exemplifies one of our most important values; Better our Community!

House of Tulip with two houses illustrated

House of Tulip

This month our team wanted to highlight and observe Transgender Day of Remembrance to commemorate the violence that trans and gender non-conforming people endure every day because of global transphobia and patriarchy. Check out our Instagram story highlights to see how you can help our trans and gender non-conforming community, or you can read our recent blog post.

Rolling River Rescue with two dogs and a boy

Rolling River Rescue

As part of our value to Better Our Community, we also wanted to highlight the Rolling River Rescue. They work to save abandoned and unwanted animals throughout Louisiana. Our digital ads barketer Frankie came from the Rolling River Rescue program! You can learn more about the great work they do in our recent blog post.

Giving Tuesday with hands holding hearts

The Data Center

An important aim of The Data Center’s work plan is to foster a shared understanding of the region’s future and its most significant opportunities. The Data Center’s donors play an essential role in highlighting the value of ensuring good, understandable data makes its way into as many hands as possible.

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