Covering The Best of Louisiana Companies Doing Online Marketing

While it would do amazing things for our revenues if we were the only ones doing online marketing – that’s just not the case. And there are a lot of options available. From Nola.com Digital Advertising to Cox Media Louisiana There are some amazing companies in Louisiana doing online marketing – both through themselves or through agencies – and we want to highlight them. We’re doing this for two reasons. First, to honor and provide a little publicity to the companies that deserve it. And secondly, to help other companies, who are not sure what they could be doing online, to learn from the best Louisiana companies doing online marketing.

We were originally planning on doing this column on our own blog, but figured it would be more helpful to post it on Silicon Bayou News. If you haven’t yet seen Silicon Bayou, they’re doing amazing coverage of tech startups, entrepreneurship, and Louisiana businesses.

Silicon Bayou News

So head on over to their site and go read out our CEO’s first issue of Louisiana Online Lagniappe. He’ll be doing it weekly, so check back every Thursday for another update.