Building More Equitable Internships

Over the past year, as we’ve considered the place of our Specialist (paid internship) program in our agency, we’ve made major strides toward delivering an introduction to the agency world that you can’t find elsewhere. Today, we’re excited to announce two significant additions that get us one step closer to that goal.

First, our Fall Specialist Program (and beyond) will be increasing its pay from $10 / hour to $15 / hour. From our research, this will set our pay a good 20-30% above all other marketing internships in New Orleans (and a few entry-level positions). This increase will also put our payment at the highest level of marketing internships at agencies nationwide. From our research, it looks like only Seer Interactive in Philadelphia would match the pay.

In addition, we’re aiming to improve our interview experience for all applicants by providing financial compensation for the required “assignment” part of the interview process (for those that make it to that point). While we get no actual value from their assignments – all our interview tests are designed with fake clients in mind – candidates spend their time and effort proving themselves to us. We should do the same for them.

We’re excited to add these latest additions to our previous improvements from the past twelve months: Setting the Stage (an intro to every department at a modern agency) and Closing The Curtain (resume/cover letter improvements, portfolio building, and mock-interviews).

One final change that we’re doing is bringing our Specialist program back into the office after nearly 17 months of offering it remotely. While we’re providing increased flexibility for our staff permanently, we believe that Specialists will benefit from the connections and community you get working alongside colleagues.

Ready to get your start in creative digital marketing, working alongside the best and brightest in New Orleans, Atlanta, or Washington, DC?