Brainstorming Techniques for Content Marketers

Brainstorming techniques for content marketers

Every content marketer has to write. At Online Optimism, we have a three-person team to turn around an average of 12 pieces of written content marketing per day. With such a robust plethora of clients and such a fast turnaround, writer’s block is pretty much a no-go in our office. As a team, we manage to create this amount of content for our clients by following these effective brainstorming techniques for content marketers. These techniques are effective for whenever it feels too hard to think of content ideas. Giving these a try will ensure a smooth day of writing for any content marketer.

Always Make Time for Brainstorming

One of the best brainstorming techniques for content marketers to try is brainstorming constantly. This doesn’t mean you need to spend all day and night brainstorming. Instead, find moments in the day when creative thoughts often come to mind. For instance, if you’re the type who feels most inspired when out with a group of people, perhaps it’s a good idea to share your ideas with those you’re with. You never know if another good idea will spark from a friend’s comment on your original idea. Always make a note of these ideas on your phone, or go old school with paper, napkins, or anything else lying around. For those who feel creatively charged during more solitary activities, such as walking or sweeping the floor, jot down all ideas into a notepad. Then turn those notes into a potential list of content ideas.

Brainstorm to Brainstorm

Brainstorming techniques for content marketers

Now that you have those initial ideas written in a notebook, spend some time brainstorming more ideas off of your original ones. For instance, your original content idea might be “places to drink in the French Quarter,” but that leads to an idea for the “best street performers in the French Quarter,” and then “most photographable spots in the French Quarter.” Suddenly you already have two more potentially strong ideas to backlog and write about later. Once the ideas are there, be sure to do lots of research, write down everything you learn, and hunt on Google AdWords for keyword ideas. With all these pieces of information and all these ideas, you should be able to turn around a high volume of optimizable content in a short time, free of writer’s block.

Keep Your Eyes Open

You never know if a content marketing idea will spark. Keeping your eyes wide open is a good brainstorming technique for content marketers, because any cool moment can inspire you. The world is your oyster (especially if you’re in New Orleans), and anything that’s going on could inspire a worthwhile brainstorming session. For instance, some questions you might ask yourself include: What’s happening in the news? What’s trending on social media? Did something cool happen on your favorite Netflix show? What season is it? Recently, Online Optimism noted that “crawfish season is in full swing,” and we used that idea to write and create an April Fool’s video campaign. The number of situations where our content marketing team uses these techniques is endless.

Brainstorming techniques for content marketers

Online Optimism’s content marketers brainstorm for fun. We’d love nothing more than to put our creative brainstorming techniques to work marketing your brand. With our content marketing, you can expect to see improvement in your SEO, searchability, and branding. We provide a number of content services ranging from video production to blogging, copywriting, UI design, and more. Each service is designed to educate your consumers, build optimal brand awareness, or achieve any other business objectives you have in mind.