Amazon Storefronts and Amazon Influencers: What You Need to Know

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Influencers and content creators have created entirely new fields to explore when it comes to jobs on the internet, just as Amazon has expanded itself to include all avenues possible–same-day shipping, movies, tv shows, books, clothing, and more. So what happens when two mega-powers of the internet combine to become a major selling machine?

What are Amazon Storefronts?

Amazon storefronts are individual, virtual storefronts run by influencers that link specific Amazon products all in one place. Think of it as the one-stop shop for everything your favorite internet celebrity is enjoying right now, from clothing to furniture. The links provided in these storefronts give commission to the influencer who provided the link–funding both their content creation and Amazon’s continued expansion. Rather than searching through the entirety of Amazon’s extensive catalog, Amazon storefronts save consumers time by putting them in direct contact with what their favorite influencers are buying.  

Influencers & You

Influencers take up no small amount of internet space anymore. Now, everywhere you go there’s an influencer for everything on social media: makeup, fashion, toys–even lawyer influencers! Influencers, or content creators as they’re sometimes called, rely on your engagement with their content which generates their income and further influence within the community. Engagement comes in many forms: liking a video, subscribing to their channel, saving a video, using their sound, or even just watching their video. On Youtube, one way content creators make money is by having ads play during their videos. Even just by passively watching these ads (or actively not clicking the “skip ads” button), you generate engagement on that creator’s content. 

Affiliate Links: How Do They Work?

Affiliate links are just one way influencers get engagement and monetary support; if an influencer enjoys (or is paid to promote) a product, companies sometimes will give them affiliate links that their subscribers/followers can click to purchase through. The influencer will then receive a commission when their followers buy from the link–sometimes companies will even give out coupon codes which influencers can also receive a percentage from. 

These links allow influencers and companies to close the gap between viewer and consumer, allowing fast and easy purchases. Amazon isn’t the only way to look through your favorite influencer’s favorites though! Websites and apps like Nate and Like to Know It link you directly to the purchase site of clothes, makeup, furniture, food, or anything else an influencer shows, mentions, or has in the background of their content. Linktree is another linkable custom tool used in Tiktok bios that the app uses to link users to products, websites, and more.  

Influencer Marketing Techniques

Affiliate links aren’t the only way influencers market themselves or products. While influencers can link products both sponsored and unsponsored, they will sometimes work directly with brands to review a product for their audience or collaborate with a brand to create a new product. Brand deals such as watchmaker Daniel Wellington’s longstanding collaborations with many British Youtubers, including Zoella, Alfie Deyes, and Tanya Burr, or Simu Liu, and #GotMilk, shows how widespread collaborations can be across different product avenues. 

Increasingly, collaborations between influencers and between businesses have become wilder and more strange as the internet has grown older with collaborations between brands like Taco Bell and Calpak for a new luggage line, yet these brand deals and marketing techniques continue to effectively catch the eye of consumers. When Justin Bieber even hinted at a collaboration with Crocs, the shoe company saw its highest shares in 13 years. Celebrity endorsements have always been a go-to for product endorsement, and influencers are the new celebrities to reach younger audiences!


How to Become an Amazon Influencer

You can monetize your data in many different ways, and becoming an Amazon influencer is just one option. You can apply to become an Amazon Influencer here. All you need is an Amazon account, and an internet following on Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook! Amazon takes a look at the number of followers you have, along with other engagement data. 

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