7 Great Production Locations in Atlanta

From nature to skylines, Atlanta has plenty of breathtaking views.

Jackson Street Bridge

If you’ve ever seen someone take a picturesque selfie with the entire Downtown Atlanta skyline in the background, you’ve probably seen the view at Jackson StreetBridge. The popular Atlanta photo destination typically has visitors and ATLiens taking photos on the bridge throughout the day and night.

Krog Street Tunnel

Atlanta isn’t known for its graffiti-like New York or Los Angeles, but the Krog Street Tunnel provides a scenic destination for anyone interested in street art. The tunnel and its surrounding area are covered entirely with graffiti making it a popular destination for photographers and videographers looking to display an urban look.


Piedmont Park

Atlanta has tons of great parks, the most popular and scenic being Piedmont Park. Piedmont Park, located in Midtown Atlanta, provides a diverse range of scenery with tons of greenery, stone awnings overlooking the water, and proximity to the Midtown skyline. Piedmont Park is a popular venue for music festivals, photoshoots, or people simply wanting to enjoy the outdoors.


Cascade Nature Preserve Trail

The namesake of the famous skating rink immortalized in the film shares its name with one of the city’s most scenic nature preserves. Located on the westside of Atlanta, Cascade Springs Nature Preserve provides breathtaking views of foliage and waterfalls adjacent to the heart of the city. This trail is a popular destination for photographers and videographers seeking natural landscapes and individuals seeking to connect with nature without leaving the city.

Little 5 Points

Little 5 Points, abbreviated as L5P, is a popular shopping destination in East Atlanta. The laid-back bohemian vibe of the storefronts provides a hip backdrop to creatives doing streetwear photography, artists making music videos, or filmmakers in need of an urban setting. Tons of graffiti and street art commissioned by local artists make this one of Atlanta’s must-see destinations, even if you don’t plan on shopping. However, if you change your mind, you can head to Rag-O-Rama for top-of-the-line thrifting and Little 5 Pizza for one of Atlanta’s best slices.

Stone Mountain

For many Atlanta visitors, the suburbs immediately surrounding the metro area serve as popular destinations in addition to the city itself. One of the most popular is Stone Mountain. As the world’s largest piece of exposed granite, this big rock is Georgia’s most visited tourist site. At the mountain’s peak (which isn’t technically a mountain), viewers can see city skylines and the vast acres of foliage. Whether you’re overlooking the city from the peak or enjoying the rocky granite terrain on the way up the mountain, this must-see natural monument should be at the top of the list for any photographer or videographer visiting the area.

SkyView Atlanta

Last but certainly not least is SkyView Atlanta. The giant Ferris Wheel located in the heart of Downtown across from Centennial Olympic Park has become one of the city’s defining landmarks since its erection in 2013. Whether you’re overlooking downtown from inside the Ferris Wheel or catching a street-level glimpse from across the street at Centennial Olympic Park, this massive 200-foot wheel that lights up the city at night has become one of the most popular production locations in Atlanta in a relatively short amount of time.

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