5 Tips On How to Use LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job

Why should I care about LinkedIn? 

The answer is simple. In today’s modern age of digital job hunting, you can’t afford to not have a well-crafted LinkedIn profile. With over 500 million members in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is the world’s largest business-oriented networking site. The possibilities of how to use LinkedIn are endless. Want to work at a design firm in London and be a part of some of the planet’s most exciting campaigns? LinkedIn can connect you. Do you dream of being a civil engineer in the developing world and building infrastructure that can change millions of lives? LinkedIn can get you in front of people that can make that dream a reality. Understanding how to use your voice on LinkedIn can place you in front of these opportunities and put you at the doorstep of your ideal career.

How to use LinkedIn

Use these tips as fuel to launch your career into heights you never imagined. While there is no guarantee you’ll have your dream job tomorrow, these steps will bring you closer than you were yesterday. 

5 Tips On How to Use LinkedIn

1. Post Native Video

Stop posting video links to outside sources. LinkedIn’s average user is only spending 17 minutes per month on the site. This means you have a small window of opportunity to get people to engage with your content. Nobody wants to leave the app they are currently using to view a 30-second video. Unlike embedded videos, LinkedIn native videos automatically play when users scroll over the post. Posting your video natively will make it easier for your audience to view your content, making it more likely for them to engage. 

Video posts earn an average of three times the engagement of text posts. LinkedIn native videos are also five times more likely than other content to start a conversation in your comments section. Videos are great for getting out a lot of info with less time and effort. Knowledge-based, short-form videos are the way to go. You want to make your videos as easy as possible for people to consume, so adding subtitles is also a great idea. Don’t forget to check out your video metrics so you can start optimizing your content and earn your best results.

Learning how to use LinkedIn

2. Use Hashtags

In the early days of LinkedIn, hashtags were considered unprofessional and thought to be better used on Twitter. That is no longer the case. Hashtags have all sorts of professional purposes and can serve you well as an instrument in your LinkedIn toolkit. Hashtags can help you grow your connections, engage with new followers, and help prospects find you. Hashtags can also improve search engine optimization within LinkedIn, thus assisting posts in appearing in Google search results. Users also can follow hashtags on LinkedIn. Coming up with a set group of hashtags that you use on all your posts will grant you the ability to get your content in front of a broad audience that you can connect with. Another great practice is to use hashtags to identify trends in your field so your posts can be as relevant as possible.

3. Engage with content after you post it

Your posts are a living breathing organism, and for them to thrive, you should respond to comments and have discussions on your post. If you do this, you’re bound to increase engagement for your content. Engaging with your followers on your posts will help build brand loyalty and spark real conversations to gain insight into new things in your field. More important than engaging with your posts is the tone you use. Keep the conversation casual and let your input and knowledge on the subject you’re discussing prove your professionalism. These people are your respective colleagues, but keeping a conversational tone can help them turn into friends. Keeping things professional while still sounding like a human is your best bet to start relationships with those engaging with your content.

How to use LinkedIn to land your dream job

4. Write Content Directly onto LinkedIn

Most of the time, people use social media to drive traffic somewhere else, but keeping people on LinkedIn is a great way to increase engagement. Using LinkedIn as a business message board to discuss quarrels everyone in your industry goes through is a sure-fire way to increase connections and boost engagement. Also, posts published directly to LinkedIn are indexed by Google and show up in organic search. This is an excellent benefit because, for most people, your website will never have the same ability as a site liked LinkedIn to rank so high in search results. Writing content directly onto LinkedIn will also help you reach your 2nd and 3rd level connections. Allowing your content to live on LinkedIn will help you expand your reach on the platform and formulate your business identity.

Examples of how to use Linkedin

5. Join Groups

LinkedIn is kind of like a massive digital office park. Use this to your advantage and get out and meet people. The best way to do this is by joining LinkedIn groups. Groups are often run by leading industry professionals and a great way to dive right into the action. By contributing valuable content to a group, you can establish yourself as an industry insider. Being in groups also allows you to request to connect with 2nd and 3rd level connections without having a premium subscription. You can connect with anyone in the group, allowing you to extend your reach on the platform and connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to.

How to use Linkedin to join groups

Ready to Learn how to use LinkedIn like a pro?

LinkedIn can be used not only as a powerful tool to push your career forward but also as a place to make real connections with like-minded people. Using these LinkedIn marketing tips, your content will reach more users and give your professional identity a road to walk on. So go ahead, implement these tips, and begin your journey towards the career of your dreams.