40% of Consumers Don’t Realize | Does Anyone Click on Google Ads?

Google LogoResearch announced this past week by British company Bunnyfoot (tech companies have our favourite names) revealed some information that is slightly shocking, but also incredibly useful: Apparently, 2 out of every 5 consumers don’t realize that Google Adwords are Ads.

Now to be sure, there is an ethical argument to make here on whether or not that is fair for Google to do. But we’re not going to argue that point, because it is Google’s decision 100%. What’s more important, is how can you take advantage of those facts. It’s important to know this when many of your competitors are probably still asking “Does anyone click on Google Ads?”

Well, the obvious answer is to spend more on Google Adwords (see why Google probably won’t change their format anytime soon.) After all, being #1 on organic (non-paid) listings means nothing if most consumers believe you’re the #4 or 5 most authoritative source on a subject. All the SEO work in the world isn’t going to mean squat compared to someone with a larger Adwords budget – at least in some cases. In addition, it’s noted that while Google does at least half-heartedly highlight the ads to inform users their ads, many consumers simply think they’re being highlighted because Google wants to feature them (which it obviously does.)

So yes, you can thank the brilliance of Google for allowing consumers to get your advertising without realizing any of it is being paid for (we’ll leave the “Do-No-Evil” questions to someone else.) Now the question is: are you ready to invest in Adwords to get that #1 paid ranking for yourself?