3 Tips for Stronger Social Media Community Engagement Strategy

As consumers are spending more and more time active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it is more important than ever to consistently deliver engaging content to your audience. At Online Optimism we believe in the power of innovative content that not only captures the attention of an audience, but builds a culture around your online presence. If you are a business looking to promote your brand, a stronger social media community engagement strategy on your social media accounts can help you build an online community that supports your brand’s growth.

Foster a community culture

When creating or developing any type of social media account for a brand, we always remind clients of the importance of a consistent content delivery strategy. A content delivery strategy can include the type of language used in posts, the way your images are edited, and the post types. As the manager of social media accounts, you are able to determine who belongs on your page, and who doesn’t, through the content you publish. Before publishing your first post, it is imperative to understand your target audience’s personality as you approach the millions of users on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

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In their ‘Share A Coke’ Instagram campaign, Coca-Cola’s content delivery strategy was successful in creating a culture which embodied the personality, interests, and experiences that their young audience already embraced on the social media app. The content was relatable, tying the Coca-Cola brand to the adventurous young lifestyle of it’s target audience. Users now looked to Coke’s Instagram page for pictures they loved, and it just so happens each one promoted the Coca-Cola brand.

Listen to your community

In order to gain the support of an online community, you must first understand what is valuable to your users. By doing so, you are able to provide authentic value to them, whether this be through information, entertainment, or assistance. Providing content of real value to users is often overlooked on smaller social accounts, which is an essential step in enlisting the help of your community members. Digital marketing specialist Steve Klinetobe writes “Brands don’t create communities, they join them. This simple flip dooms’ most brands’ attempts at being authentic.”

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In order to appeal to its younger set of customers, Travelocity recently launched its customer support handle on Twitter and Facebook. Hoping to differentiate themselves from other travel sites, Travelocity understands that servicing clients via the social media apps they already use would create real value for the online community they desire to build.

Harness the power of UGC (User-Generated Content)

Remember that your interactions on social media are all meant to be business driven. Content marketing should be used not only in acquiring fans, but also helping develop new ideas, informing your efforts with consumer data, and building brand awareness. Using conversations and comments generated by your brand’s fans to create unique posts for your accounts can open many doors. User-generated content makes your fans feel valued, important, and more connected to your business.  

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National Geographic, renowned for their breathe taking images, took to their Instagram community to collect user-generated travel content via the hashtag “Wanderlust”. What at first seemed like a risky move for a highly selective content focused account, ended in an extremely successful campaign that engaged with users personally through what they were most passionate about. By asking users to submit their own content, National Geographic not only interacted with their community, but gained an understanding of what type of content they would like see in the future.

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