3 Tips for Marketing Your Business This Autumn

It’s the first day of Autumn, which means three things:

  1. Working outside is do-able once again.
  2. I can get brownie points by bringing the office pumpkin spice lattes.
  3. It’s time to think about Fall marketing strategies.

Here’s our suggestions for tactics to take on in the next 3 months. Winter is coming, after all.

1. Blogging

Post new content about events in the Fall, such as school starting, holidays, and how they relate to your business.

Writing about holiday season events can bring in interest from people who may not have otherwise found your blog or website. Take for example a company that specializes in video production. What can they do to boost presence during the fall season? The film and television industries promote content geared towards these seasons already. Studying what top companies have done and remixing it with your style is a sure fire way to gain some attention.

Music videos can be a great outlet. Take for example Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video. This can be a great way to link video production and the Halloween season. Another song with a fall theme and a funky music video can be Earth Wind & Fire’s “September.” A video company may discuss aspects of film and editing and how they relate to these specific videos.

Tying relevant music with the relevant season can make for some great blogging.

2. Website Redesign

Color schemes, products, images, and more.

Another great way to boost your Internet presence during the fall season is to change up your website. If there are large pictures on your landing page, try conducting a photo shoot showing off the changes of the fall. For example, lets say you are a company that sells children’s clothing. Conduct a photo shoot near trees that are changing color, or in a pumpkin patch. If you’re looking for a new website designer, make sure to get a good one – Online Optimism was recently named as one of the best design agencies in the country.

3. Creative Advertisements

Circular Fall Fake Advertisement for AutumnHave a little fun with the season.

Create advertisements for your company that use language and terms of the seasons. Take  a financial planning company for example. Below is a sample ad we created that takes advantage of the season and its themes.

At Online Optimism, we have a knack for blogging, website design and targeted advertisements. Talk to us today to see how our creative team can help your business any time of the year.