3 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Marketing Tactics

As the year winds down, the resolutions pile up. Working out, eating healthy, and budgeting responsibly are all important and worthwhile changes to make. But what are some resolutions that can give your business, brand, or organization the extra push it needs? Here are three New Year’s resolutions to improve your marketing tactics in the upcoming year.

Personalization Pays

Improve your marketing with personalized emailWhether your target audience is B2B or B2C, all potential consumers and clients experience information overload. Mass emails, generically targeted advertisements, and unnecessary information are easily ignored. Make it a resolution to improve your marketing tactics by personalizing your messages. Sending an email from a personal account as opposed to an automated one and adding the recipient’s name can go a long way.

In fact, according to Experian, promotional mailings sent via personalized emails have six times higher transaction rates and revenue per email than non-personalized emails. Yet 70% of companies do not personalize their marketing emails.

Go the extra mile this year to create highly targeted ads with engaging content, and don’t forget to add a personal touch.

Influencer Marketing

Improve your marketing with influencer marketing

Sometimes it’s not about how you say it or even who you say it toit’s about who says it. In recent years, influencer marketing has become a marketing go-to. It entails calling upon high-profile celebrities as well as micro-influencers with masses of consistent followers and no stardom to market on your behalf.

A study by Twitter and Annalect found that almost “40% of surveyed Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer.”


While influencer marketing is proven to be an effective marketing tactic, it is associated with a cost. For some smaller influencers, free products and samples will suffice. Depending on the number of followers, number of page views, and celebrity status of an influencer, a post can range anywhere from under $100 to several hundred dollars or more.

Before adding an influencer to your resolution list, it is important to make sure you’re targeting the perfect spokesperson to help spread the word.

Enhanced Video Marketing

Improve your marketing with video marketing

Chances are you’re already incorporating video marketing into your strategy. After all, video is the current preferred method of content ingestion and will continue to be essential in 2018. But that doesn’t mean your videos should remain stagnant. The utilization of live videos and ephemeral content are two resolutions marketing practitioners should add to their lists. Each tactic promotes a certain level of authenticity to viewers. They are able to engage in behind-the-scenes activities that typically wouldn’t have been available.

Ephemeral content taps into consumers’ natural tendency for FOMO (fear of missing out). In many ways, it lures consumers into clicking on and engaging with the posted content. While video has always been an effective means of capturing and engaging audiences, various video tactics should be explored in the new year for new results.


If your company lacks the resources or experience needed to implement these marketing tactics, make a resolution to contact Online Optimism today.