2020 November Newsletter

Optimistic News November 2020

Good Evening from Our Chief Optimist!

At Online Optimism, we’re welcoming November like the rest of you, with cooler weather (meaning 50s and 60s in New Orleans) alongside the latest Saints wins.

For our Optimists, November also means new staff (meet Katherine), new website launches (back to back this month), and new blog posts (our latest from Charlie). You’ll also want to keep an eye out for some Optimistic news later in your inbox this month! Our lips are sealed for now, but we’re confident you’ll find it pretty peachy.

We’ll keep it brief today since folks seem to think it’s a particularly busy week in our country 🗳️ If you haven’t voted yet, make sure to vote tomorrow. Unless you’re too young to vote, in which case, follow our TikTok!

Flynn Zaiger

Our Newest Optimist:
Katherine Socha

Our design team just got a little more optimistic! Welcome the latest addition to our team, Katherine Socha. Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in design from Southeastern Louisiana University, we very much look forward to seeing Katherine’s designs appear in our current and future client’s projects!

She says:
“I’m most looking forward to working with such an innovative and creative close-knit team that is so dedicated to creating great work (and the office doggos)!”

Welcome to the team, Katherine!

Recent Blog Post:
An Introduction to SEO for Artists

An artist paints a canvas on the floor of her studio.

No matter what industry you’re in, improving your SEO can work wonders to get your business seen by the right audience. Our Content Strategist Charlie Tatum gives you the rundown on how best to utilize SEO as an artist. Find out more about the right tips & tricks you need directly from the experts!

New Website Launched: Lanasa Realty

LaNasa realty logo

Our design and web development team has worked hard on creating an immersive new website for Lanasa Realty. With a rich history in real estate in Louisiana, Lanasa Realty needed a new website design that captured their professionalism and commitment to excellent customer service.

New Website Launched: Elysian Bar

The Elysian Bar

It’s been a busy month for design with the launch of 2 new websites. Our design and development team have been working alongside Elysian Bar to update their website. The Elysian Bar wanted a website that could showcase their beautiful interiors and an easy way to update their menu’s. Pop on over to the Elysian Bar for wine in Parlor 1 or coffee in the Atrium.

Featuring Our Optimists: U.S. News & World Report

US News and World report logo

Our Search & Content director Sam Olmsted was featured in a U.S. News article discussing his thoughts on “What You Can Do With a Business Management Degree.” Read the article to find out what Sam and others have said about obtaining a business management degree and where it can take you.

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