2020 May Newsletter

Optimism through Change:

Good morning,

First off: we hope that your new normal, however that is for you, is healthy and well. At Online Optimism, the new normal has meant being as innovative as possible, hustling for our clients, and remaining optimistic, even as the latest news and our roommate’s fourth WFH conference call of the day hits us. It hasn’t necessarily been easy, but it has been rewarding. We’re striving to innovate and optimize for our community’s, clients’, and optimists’ even during these challenging and rapidly changing times.

That includes creating free resources like our new Business Continuity Guide, which helps make sure organizations are as prepared as possible as hurricane season, cybersecurity attacks, and, unfortunately, the potential second wave of COVID-19 looms. It means being youthful and optimistic, illustrating Zoom Backgrounds of all our favorite restaurants + bars in New Orleans to feel a little more at home. It means re-structuring our entire employee onboarding process to enable a growing team to actually feel like a team while entirely remote. And it means recognizing our many clients acting as helpers, being on the front lines of the fight against this pandemic, and its endless effects on day-to-day life.

Today is May 1st, or as I call it, day 51 — I personally consider day zero the evening that Tom Hanks was diagnosed, but everyone seems to have their own system. As I count up from 51, to an uncertain next few months, I’m reminded that New Orleans continually shows its resilience and ability to come together as a community, even during tough times. That exact spirit is what fills our city with optimism!

We’re grateful that we can do our part to make things a little more optimistic and work toward a stronger future. We sincerely hope that your personal new normal is getting better every single day.


Flynn Zaiger



Resource: Business Continuity Solutions Guide

Check out our all new business continuity solutions guide packed with tips to help your business get through these tough times. We share all of the different tools we’re utilizing to help us stay afloat and provide resources for you to make the right preparation plan for your business. From health pandemics, natural disasters and cyber attacks, this guide gives you the advice you need to get yourself prepared no matter what lies ahead. While we can never anticipate the way any crisis will affect us, we can stay prepared and change through optimism.


New Resource: Fun Zoom Backgrounds

Ready for social distancing to be over? Itching to go out to your favorite restaurants and bars? I know we are! Check out our fun Zoom backgrounds where you can pretend you’re sipping cocktails at Carousel Bar or dining out at Galatoires!

April 2020: Helping the Helpers Update

Last month we had a look at some of the great stories coming from our clients and how they’re adjusting to the new normal. Well, our clients have continued to go above and beyond for their customers and their community. Here’s how they’re helping set their community up for success.



Oracle Lighting

Oracle Lighting, an innovator in LED lighting solutions, has made a donation of 1,000 N95 respirator masks and nearly 500 surgical masks to the Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans to help its staff battle the COVID-19 crisis in Louisiana where Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is much needed. Learn more about how Oracle Lighting is helping the Tulane Medical Centre here!

The Data Center

The Data Center continues to keep us up-to-date with the latest data and statistics with regards to the coronavirus. They’re also helping to spread awareness about the 2020 Census and its importance in keeping accurate records especially whilst dealing with a global pandemic. Their work has been featured by The New Orleans Health Department, The Advocate, Forbes and The Huffington Post. Check out their COVID related data and information here.

Moxie Media

Moxie Media is now providing a free online coronavirus training course for employees. Keeping the workplace safe and the workforce healthy are the two main goals of their new course. From learning about the basics of disease to best practices to avoid exposure, their course gives you the information you need to ensure you’re safe whether you’re working from or at your workplace. Learn more about their free course here.

Blog: New Posts

This month we have a number of new blog posts with both useful information and fun happenings here at Online Optimism. From celebrating World Book Day to utilizing the Google Ads app, our blog covers a wide range of different topics so there’s something for everyone!

New Service: Adding Velocity to Our Visuals


We’re innovating with new ways to tell our client’s stories. Many of our latest pieces have featured some beautiful and fun animations, which we’re proud to share.


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