2020 March Newsletter

2020 march newsletter

2020 march newsletter

Looking to expand your healthcare business? Healthcare marketing holds its own set of challenges, from legal concerns to privacy and more.

2020 March newsletter

Whether you’re selling cars, trucks, SUVs, or parts, automotive marketing can be tricky. Trust the experts at Online Optimism to help guide your business.

2020 march newsletter
Hospitality is one of the largest industries in New Orleans. Find out how you can stand out from the competition and attract eager customers.

Resource: Download our Web Accessibility Guide

2020 march newsletter

The internet should be a place for everyone to learn, shop, and connect with the world around them. Discover how you can make your website more accessible to all, while keeping it up to legal standards.

2020 march newsletter

Blog: How to Use Your Personal LinkedIn Account to Promote Your Business


2020 march newsletterLinkedIn has become one of the fastest-growing social networks, with over 660 million users having joined since its creation in 2002. Two new members join LinkedIn every single second, so it’s important to make sure your personal profile is ready to make connections with future clients, employees, or even business partners.
Oftentimes, connecting with a company’s profile loses the personal connection that users prefer. Company profiles can feel stiff, impersonal, and even automated. Using your personal LinkedIn account to be a voice for your business will help you avoid these pitfalls.



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