2020 April Newsletter

2020 April newsletter

A Bit of Optimism from Flynn:

Hi readers,
Let’s start with what’s important: We hope this monthly newsletter finds all of you healthy.
Our month at Online Optimism has been like many of yours: very new, a little scary, and filled with more teleconferencing than you could shake a selfie-stick at. We also have had the privilege of assisting and working with clients who are acting as helpers on the front lines today. We thought we’d use this newsletter to highlight some of the incredible things we’ve been sharing for them over the past several weeks. We hope it brings a little Optimism to your day.

Flynn Zaiger

Crescent City Schools

Our friends over at Crescent City Schools have responded to the COVID-19 crisis by setting up all three of their schools as Community Feeding distribution sites. It’s great to see our clients go above and beyond for our community! For more information about nutrition programs available in the New Orleans area, click here.

Superior Honda

Superior Honda is helping its customers during a time of social distancing by offering free pick-up/dropoff of your vehicle for service needs like oil changes, battery changes, tire rotations and more! With great companies offering these services, we can continue to keep ourselves safe. Thank you, Superior Honda! Visit their site to schedule your service!

Access Health

Chief innovation officer Dr. Mark Allain features in a new video by Kenner TV highlighting the effects of COVID-19. He answers all the common questions one might have about the virus in an insightful new video. Check it out here!


St Thomas Community Health Center

St. Thomas Community Health Center, after decades of serving the community in person, has been able to add in telemedicine to continue to provide New Orleans with its services from a safe distance. Learn more about their telemedicine service in their newsletter

Magnolia Physical Therapy

To keep people healthy and active, Magnolia Physical Therapy has begun a wellness and wellbeing video series that we help them to publish each week. Their personal trainers assist their customers by showing some useful home workouts and provide tips to address issues surrounding transferring to working from home. They are also now offering virtual one-to-ones with their personal trainers too. For tips on staying healthy, check out their blog!

Truck Driver Institute

Truck Driver Institute is a national truck driving school that offers commercial driver’s license courses across the country. As social distancing and self-isolation has become the new normal, the demand for truck drivers continues to increase more than ever. Truck Driver Institute strikes an emotional chord with their latest video, expressing this demand in stark but important terms. Check out the video below.

Blog: Handling COVID-19 as a Small Biz & an Optimist

Curious how else we’ve been adapting our policies around COVID-19? Read our blog post on everything our agency is doing to keep the work and creativity flowering.


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