16 Best Team Management Tools

Have you been wondering which online management tools are best for your business? 

It can get overwhelming to select a team management tool, and you are not alone. We’ve talked to over 50 business leaders and asked them what the best team management tools are.

16 Best Team Management Tools 

Let’s take a look at some of their top performers:

1. Asana 

At Online Optimism, we utilize Asana to keep track of employees’ tasks and progress. Operations Coordinator Sara Bandurain says, “Asana has some great key features that make it ideal for our company’s project management. Not only does it allow you to divide tasks by team and projects, but also color coordinates to make organization simple and effective.” 

Bandurian also uses the Asana “Rules” feature, which automates task creation and project updates to help the team work quickly, smoothly, and in sync, even when working from home. 

2. Slack 

Another one of the best team management tools is Slack, which most of our respondents talked about. With more than 13 million users worldwide, Slack is one of the most popular management tools. 

“Slack is undeniably the best tool for team management. It can serve as the team’s central collaboration space and integrates a wide variety of popular digital tools making collaboration more convenient, and a lesser hassle,” Nolah Mattress Co-Owner and CEO Stephen Light said.

MoneyNerd Founder Scott Nelson also relies on Slack for team management. He says, “Slack has served as a simple form of constant communication without having the strain of organizing zoom calls to attend at set times.” 

Nelson also emphasized the helpfulness of Slack, highlighting the feature that lets team members know who is online and at which times to evaluate his team’s productivity.

3. Brief

Like Asana, Brief is a team management tool that allows team members to prioritize their tasks while also minimizing potential distractions. Absolute Reg Managing Director Jake Smith said his team utilizes Brief because it “encourages you to concentrate throughout your day to achieve more personally and professionally.” 

This management tool combines chat, video, to-do lists, and file sharing to keep everything in one place so information is not lost and productivity can increase.

4. Proofhub

ProofHub is an intuitive project management software that delivers flexibility on how project managers and teams assign and complete their work. This tool is a cloud-based solution for teams in numerous industries and provides applications for project management, project collaboration, resource management, and task management. ProofHub also includes notes, timesheets, milestones, and calendaring. 

“Our company uses ProofHub to manage our team of employees, and it is highly recommended for any company looking for team management software,” StrongChap.com CEO Reda Elmardi said.

5. orcaso

Coffee Works Founder and Owner Julien Raby points out Orcaso as one of the best team management tools. “In Orcaso, you can categorize tasks and assign them to team members, or you can leave it to them to pick their own,” Raby said. Once the task is picked, Orcaso tracks the progress and lets managers see the Stats page, which reflects the work status. 

Orcaso uses a gamification approach aimed at empowering workers to provide excellent output. Leaders can also appreciate all achievements, recognize hard work, and fuel a friendly competition to impact the team’s efficiency and productivity.

6. miro

For employees who prefer visuals, Miro, formerly RealtimeBoard, is a great team management tool. This visual collaboration platform “is a highly effective tool where you can add post-it notes, images, and documents to a blank space mimicking whiteboard sessions,” Festoon House Director Alex Thompson said. 

Realtime Board also supports comments, @mentions, messaging, and video conferencing, in addition to integrating with Google Docs, Slack, Trello, and Dropbox.

7. loom

Looking for a useful team management tool that goes beyond facilitating communication and assigning tasks? Look no further than Loom. 

“We use Loom for recording our screens with voice audio, then sharing it easily with a URL that can be watched as a video,” EmailAnalytics CEO Jayson DeMers said. 

Loom aims to streamline processes and prevent repetitive meetings that deter employees from productivity by facilitating businesses to record their training and presentations.

8. key performance indicators 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are another essential team management tool. “Measurable KPIs allow you to determine if your employees are doing an adequate job without having to micromanage them and track their every move with monitoring software,” Talk Central Founder Jeff Dundas added. 

Setting KPIs also serves as motivation for your team by giving them specific goals to reach for, boosting productivity and morale.

9. formal kickoff

When it comes to the best team management tools, Ithaca College Professor of Strategic Communications, Diane Gayeski, practices a formal kick-off. 

“The most important practice and protocol are to establish a formal kick-off for each team,” Gayeski said. 

Gayeski suggests the following: 

  1. Collaboratively write a team charter that details the roles of the team leader and each member
  2. Client’s responsibilities
  3. Objectives for the project
  4. Norms for communication
  5. Deliverables
  6. How they and the client will define success 
  7. What measures they will take if a conflict occurs

10. Startingpoint

StartingPoint is also a popular team management tool, according to Red Beach Advisors Founding and Managing Director Ray McKenzie. 

“StartingPoint is simple and allows us to manage individual goals, tramp performance, task management, and collaboration in one,” McKenzie added. 

McKenzie also values the tool for its feature that allows leaders to see their employees’ performance without having to ask them for reports.

11. airtable

Smart Watches 4 U CEO & Founder Antti Alatalo encourages using Airtable for online businesses. “Airtable is a great platform for creating customized worksheets. I can also create a workflow and scale up from there based on current demands,” Alatalo said. 

AirTable also evolves with you and your team, so as your capacity increases, so does your capability. This team management tool is also entirely customizable, so businesses can create what works best for their team rather than adapting to a set interface.

12. trello

Another team management tool that a lot of respondents utilize is Trello. EU Natural Founder & CEO Vinay Amin stated, “Trello is a fantastic online tool which facilitates staff synchronicity. Trello clearly shows all team members the progress made on different tasks and expedites prioritization.” 

“Trello has been an essential app that has allowed me to manage projects by visualizing what needs to get done while collaborating with our other team members,” LegalAdvice.com CEO David Reischer said. 

Trello is also a top-rated team management tool for its user-friendly and intuitive interface that is also flexible to every business’s needs.

13. scoro

Etia Editor Jennifer Wily opines, “Scoro business management software helps you with every aspect of your business from the first ‘hello’ to the final invoice.” Scoro also tracks employee and project progress and shares the results with the entire team using its automated reports platform. 

Scoro also offers personally tailored dashboards and empowers efficient collaboration through fully interlinked digital workspaces. This platform also provides accounting software, cloud storage, and more than 1,000 other tools through Zapier to help achieve automation.

14. desktime

Content Marketer Nathan Sebastian of GoodFirms shares, “Desktime is a time tracking tool that monitors the activities of employees and how much time is spent in doing each activity.” 

Desktime allows managers to plan and create shifts, manage absences, track productivity, and use the tracking feature to see who is working on what and how long they have been working on the project. This management software is excellent for businesses requiring additional monitoring, especially for freelance working when hours are logged.

15. krisp

“What I like about Krisp is that the app makes virtual meetings as stress-free as possible,” SleepingOcean CEO & Founder Alex Savy said. 

According to Savy, this team management tool mutes background noises from animals to street and traffic noise to family chatter and keyboard clicking. No one is distracted, and his team members can remain focused and productive during each meeting.

16. clickup

ClickUp is another useful team management tool, according to Gleamin CEO & Founder Jordan Smyth. 

“ClickUp enables our team to stay on top, in sync, and in control of all the projects we are working on,” Smyth added. Plus, the software has weekly upgrades to ensure your team is always working efficiently.

Wrap Up

Whether you are just starting up or simply looking to try a new platform, we hope you find a team management tool that works best for your team. Be sure to check out our other post on the Top 8 Tips for How to Keep Content Relevant.