Video Production & Editing Specialists

Other agencies might call it a Video internship,
but we offer and expect more.

From the start, our video production interns- who we call Specialists – have been an integral part of Online Optimism’s team.

Our video production and editing Specialists get a front-line view of what it’s like to work in film production at a marketing agency. You’ll help produce content for our clients and our own agency.

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What Does a Video Production Specialist Do?

Video Specialists perform creative research for multimedia pieces in a variety of styles. You’ll craft content that can be used on social media networks, including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn

In addition, your video work will sometimes accompany our content team’s other pieces, like whitepapers. Lastly, your video work will occasionally stand on its own, including for YouTube, or other OTT campaigns.

As a video production intern, you’ll film content for a wide variety of clients that work across our client’s industries, including healthcare, law, B2B, B2C, logistics, finance, and more.

Our video editing interns need to get used to working across different industries all in one day. It’s a very fast-paced job that only the most efficient and creative Specialists can handle.

Who Should Apply for our video marketing internships?

Our video production interns typically have both personal creative experience in film, as well as professional experience. They usually have a very well built out portfolio, including a variety of mediums, durations, and styles. Many will include some more non-fiction work like documentary, alongside creative projects (like music videos). It is not unusual for a video editing portfolio for a Specialist applicant to include a significant amount of school work. Any video work that has been done for actual companies, or utilized in IRL marketing campaigns, are a great way for any Specialist applicant to stand out. At the very least, we expect those applying for an Online Optimism video editing internship to be capable both behind the camera on production day, as well as behind the keyboard in post-production. 

What Makes Our Program Different than Most Video Internships?

Unlike most internships at film production companies, or those in Hollywood, our program offers the best of both worlds out of a city known for creativity. You’ll find a supportive environment that pushes your creative limits during work hours, and respects your work-life balance outside of it.

Apply today to learn if you have what it takes to make it at Online Optimism.

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