Social Media Marketing Specialists

Other agencies might call it a social media internship,
but we offer and expect more.

From the start, our social media interns- who we call Specialists – have done real work for real experience.

Social Media Specialists combine creative and analytical skills to help manage client presences across multiple platforms. Social Media Specialists learn to look at the big picture and make strategic decisions about how to interact with a variety of audiences on a day-to-day basis.

In this position, you will create weekly social media content for clients on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and beyond. You will have the opportunity to craft a variety of posts across industries and networks and analyze paid social advertising.

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What Does a Social Media Specialist Do?

Social Media Specialists create weekly social media content for clients, grow engagement, analyze paid social, and craft a variety of posts across industries and networks. In this position, you will interface directly with client audiences with the mission to attract, engage, and retain customers. Our Specialists earn specialized social media software that is recognized as being at the top the industry. Learn to leverage social listening as well as in-depth reporting and analytics to help guide social media content and strategy.

As a Specialist, you will craft social calendars that disseminate company news, promotions, products and services, and content marketing pieces, as well as advertisements. They also collaborate with the Social Media Team to develop social strategies for clients. In this role, Specialists manage social media across many different industries, from hospitality and lifestyle to financial and professional services.

Social Media Specialists curate content for a variety of clients with different brands, messages, and objectives. They also have an eye for design and are able to seamlessly integrate visual imagery and strategize aesthetically cohesive profiles.

Who Should Apply for Our Social Media Opportunities?

This opportunity is best suited for someone who has real-world experience managing social media platforms for an organization or company. Our Social Media Specialist role is ideal for those who desire hands-on experience and have a never-stop-learning attitude. You should love managing the business side of social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

This role calls for both creative and analytical chops. Social Media Specialists should excel at building engagement across multiple platforms as well as generating leads for clients. This position also requires basic knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing. The ideal candidate will be focused on developing effective strategies to convert social traffic to customer-focused landing pages.

Our Social Media Specialists are flexible, detail-oriented writers who can expertly compose captions that are engaging and actionable. Social Media Specialists should also love building aesthetic, and can adeptly incorporate a visual brand into your social media strategy. This is an ideal position for someone who is interested in a career managing social media for professional organizations.

What Makes Our Program Different than Most Social Media Internships?

Unlike most internships in the city, our program offers the best of both worlds. As a Specialist, you are paid an hourly rate and get a hands-on opportunity to work with our biggest clients. You’ll benefit from a program that prioritizes professional growth, which many internships and entry-level positions may not.

At Online Optimism, you’ll be able to work with some of the largest local businesses in Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, and New Orleans, LA, as well as our clients across the Gulf and East coasts. As a Specialist, you are considered part of the team, and your contributions are valued and respected.

We like to call the Specialist program “the last internship you’ll ever have.” Our goal is to equip you with the skills, portfolio, and recommendations you need to be highly competitive in your field. Previous Specialists have gone on to work full-time for a variety of marketing agencies, in-house with companies, and have also found resounding success in the world of freelance.

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