Graphic Design Specialists

New Orleans Art/Design Internships

Other agencies might call it a design internship,
but we offer and expect more.

From the start, our graphic design interns- who we call Specialists – have been an integral part of Online Optimism’s team.

As a graphic design Specialist, you’ll work 30 – 40 hours per week collaborating with our full-time employees, working for both our clients and Online Optimism itself. In return, we’ll make sure you receive valuable, real-world experience, hourly pay, and the opportunity to team up with the best and brightest in the city.

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Our designers are experts at Shopify website design.

What Does a Graphic Design Specialist Do?

If you’re serious about a career in graphic design, our Specialist program is everything you need to build your portfolio up to what’s required for most entry-level design opportunities.

Your day will be extremely busy. Our graphic design Specialist tends to work across the dozens of clients, in multiple industries, meaning you’ll need to be able to follow varied brand standards, and switch between different style guides, and art styles, at a moment’s notice. In addition, you’ll be a key part of Online Optimism’s internal graphic design team, assisting our design Director with the style and collateral of Online Optimism itself.

For many of our graphic design Specialists, the thing they enjoy most is being able to work across mediums. While, yes, most of our graphic design work is done in the Adobe Suite, the graphic design Specialist will go from making social media graphics, to digital ads, to billboards, to layouts for physical brochures.

Who Should Apply for our Graphic Design Opportunities?

We have had very different applicants succeed in our graphic design opportunities. What nearly all of them have, though, is experience working in some sort of official environment handling graphic design work. We’ve certainly seen applicants come through that have exclusively freelanced, but their portfolios tend not to be varied enough. That being said, if your portfolio includes at least five different art styles, or other experience that showcases abilities enough to take on this task, we welcome and look forward to receiving your application.

What Makes Our Program Different than Most New Orleans Graphic Design Internships?

If you’re a local college student, or aspiring graphic designer looking to move to New Orleans, we understand that you have a lot of opportunities. And we don’t want to discount them – there are some amazing internships and entry-level positions from other organizations around New Orleans.

But here’s what we’ve heard from our past design Specialists: Our program will help you build a significant portfolio. At Online Optimism, you’ll be able to work with some of the largest local businesses, as well as our clients across the Gulf and East coasts. In addition, depending on circumstances, and your own talents, graphic design Specialists in the past have participated in client meetings, or assisting in the physical production of branding documents. Many go on to work in-house at companies, or in design jobs at other agencies in the city.

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