Content Marketing Specialists

Other agencies might call it a writing internship,
but we offer and expect more.

From the start, our content marketing (copywriting) interns- who we call Specialists – have been an integral part of Online Optimism’s team.

Our Content Specialists are the best wordsmiths in the business. This role is suited to writers who have an interest in creating long-form content and offers you the opportunity to apply your skills to actual campaigns. Under the wing of your department director, you’ll write for both clients and Online Optimism itself. By the end of your semester with us, you’ll walk away with a formidable skill set and a portfolio that speaks for itself.

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What Does a Content Marketing Specialist Do?

Content Specialists perform creative research for long-form content pieces. You’ll craft blog posts, draft content for landing pages, perform keyword research to determine high-value content opportunities, and correspond with reporters to get press for clients.

As a Content Specialist, you’ll write for a diverse array of clients and develop expertise on a variety of topics. You’ll hone the ability to create consistent content in a range of voices, and learn how to tailor your style to accommodate each client’s vision. Content Specialists employ a mix of creativity, linguistic prowess, and analytical chops in order to deliver relevant, engaging content.

Content Specialists practice changing gears frequently. You will be expected to manage tight deadlines and juggle a diverse array of assignments. Content Specialists perform extensive research in order to deliver top-notch content for our clients, and as a result quickly become experts on a variety of topics within a diverse array of industries.

Who Should Apply for our Content Marketing Opportunities?

Our Content Marketing opportunities are suited to strong writers who have some professional experience in the realm of advertising or PR. Above all, Content Specialists should have a strong affinity for the written word. This passion should be paired with an exceptional ability to gather, synthesize, and communicate new information. If you are a curious person and enjoy immersing yourself in new information on a regular basis, Content Marketing is an area in which you might excel.

Our Content Specialists come from many different writing backgrounds. Some have an academic background in marketing, while others cut their teeth in English or creative writing programs. Above all, Content Specialists should be versatile writers who are able to comfortably embody a variety of branded voices. If you’ve got professional writing experience under your belt, you’re well-positioned for this role. Successful Content Specialists are ready to write all day, every day.

What Makes Our Program Different than Most Content Marketing Internships?

Unlike most internships, our program offers the best of both worlds. As a Specialist, you are paid an hourly rate and get a hands-on opportunity to work with our biggest clients. You’ll benefit from a program that prioritizes professional growth, which many internships and entry-level positions do not prioritize.

At Online Optimism, you’ll be able to work with some of the largest local businesses in New Orleans, Atlanta, and Washington, DC, as well as our clients across the Gulf and East coasts. As a Specialist, you are considered part of the team, and your contributions are valued and respected.

At Online Optimism, we call the Specialist program “the last internship you’ll ever have.” Our goal is to equip you with the skills, portfolio, and recommendations you need to be highly competitive in your field. Insofar, our Specialists have gone on to work full-time for a variety of marketing agencies and have also found resounding success in the world of freelance.

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