B.A. Tulane University
English and Communications

M.A. in English – Tulane University

Jordan Figueredo
Content Strategist

Jordan joined Online Optimism’s search and content team in August 2020. As a Content Strategist, she focuses on writing blog posts and website copy in addition to working on search engine optimization.

Originally from Miami, Florida, Jordan completed her Bachelor’s at Tulane University, where she majored in English and Communications with a minor in Jewish Studies. She stayed at Tulane for an additional year and received her Master’s in English with a focus on digital and archival research. After 23 years dreaming about snow, she moved to New York where she worked as a financial writer at a B2B startup in Manhattan. Jordan moved back to New Orleans, and the warmth, in 2019 and worked at Lucid, a company focused on centralizing sources of online sample.

When not working, Jordan loves hiking, thrifting, re-reading The Great Gatsby and taking pictures of her food.