Should I Swipe Right on JOE?

Woah, slow down there. This is a major decision! That probably explains why you had to go to Google for the answer (and then, still unsure, clicked through to find out more).

These are hard choices and you need to think them through.

Turkey on Head

So let’s review how you got here:

1. First, you signed up for online dating. Maybe you were sick of being set up on blind dates. Or going out on $1 beer Mondays to meet guys, then realizing you love beer more than men (we’ve all been there).

2. Then, you swiped. And swiped. And swiped.

3. Sometimes, you had matches. And sometimes, they had pretty good one liners.

Fresh Prince of BelAir

Ok, maybe not the best lines.

4. But finally, you found a magical opportunity. You got a profile that was…let’s call it different, maybe it made you feel a little nervous.


5. So you searched Google, clicked the link, read all the way down to the bottom of the page, giggled after a few of the GIFs, sighed after some of the others, and got to this point.

So if you’re asking yourself “Should I swipe right on Joe?” Go with your gut. By which I mean Amy Poehler.

After all, look how happy the last girl that swiped right on a Joe was.