The goal of branding is to create an effective position that will endure. The return can be a formidable competitive advantage based on ownership of a position in your market. In other words, consistency pays off.

There are 3 basic brand relationship principles. To successfully strengthen your brand within its industry, it will be necessary to first identify where the company is presently with its brand relationships, and where it would like to be for the future. The 3 key areas to clarify through branding work will be:

  1. Brand relationships have a purpose. Brand relationships provide meanings that help people live their lives.
  2. Brand relationships are diverse. Consumers form many different types of relationships with brands.
  3. Brand relationships are a dynamic, two-way phenomena. They develop and change over time as the two parties interact.

Setting your organization up with a strong brand is absolutely essential to all your other marketing efforts. Without it, everything will be for naught. But with a great brand, your work becomes easier and most importantly more effective.

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Capabilities Include

  • In-depth interviews & focus groups with stakeholders
  • Mission statement generation
  • Company values discovery
  • Creation of customer personas
  • Keyword & phrase research
  • Target audience identification
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Short & Long-term Recommendations
  • Complete logo design + graphics package
  • Monthly efforts to further optimize the brand after launch
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